Jan 31, 2014

Ramaikan Follower,Raikan Ukhuwah..

Now, 'blog walking' or is some what like visiting other blogs on the internet especially Malaysian bloggers' blogs, to read the latest entries or posts that they had put on their blogs in order to learn something new or for the sake of having fun reading what they were sharing about themselves, their daily activities or their experience, sometimes their knowledge where they put in form of 'tutorials', is actually very interesting and highly beneficial.

Just a few minutes ago, I came upon a blog known as 'Lorong-Cinta' in which blog owner of the blog is a rather handsome man with a sweet smile (through his picture on the header of the blog), has had an entry of a what is known in blogging world as 'Segmen', the "Ramaikan Follower, Raikan Ukhuwah..".

You see, I am really impressed in a way or the technique uses by the bloggers in the blogging world to expand the readers community on the internet. This is very important (to me), as somehow, your writing would be more useful if someone read it, apart of a way you are expressing yourself or release your tensions.

So, here, I'd like to take part in this 'segmen' as I hopefully would, also contribute to the purpose of the 'segmen'. Apart from this, I'd also would like to invite, just about anybody who would have stumbled on my blog - reading this post/entry to also take part in this 'segmen' for our own benefit and for the benefit of all the Malaysian bloggers. Not to mention, I think, that this is somehow, a superb way of getting and giving support among each others.

So, here is the banner and link to the main or original post:

Segmen Ramaikan Follower, Raikan Ukhuwah

As you can see, the due date is on the 7th of February, so there is ample time for you to take part and contribute to the purpose or cause.

With this, I see you around in near future. Have fun and have a nice day today and each and every day onwards...

Allahualam bissawab.

with Love
wafacw @MyBlog


  1. segmen mcm ni akan ada pemenang yek? hihi...nampak sgt saya mmg belum biasa lagi dgn segmen@GA...anyway, good luck ya ;)

    1. i don't think it has... it's a campaign, may be ups to the 'penaja' to give compliments or something... :D

  2. Assalamualaikum.. Alhamdulillah,terima kasih kerana sudi join segmen Abak..semoga Ukhuwah kita terus kekal.. In Shaa Allah...
    Abak Follow sini kalau belum follow ^_^

    Jom saling follow dan blogwalking,kenal mengenali...
    senarai peserta :


  3. Excuse me, my english is very bad but I can still understand it.

    Thank you, I hope your followers will grow ..

    Nice sharing.. ^__________________________________________^

    1. don't worry tn Abak... nothing starts in a perfect form I think... and you know better than me :D

  4. Wow!! Great... This is what we can call ukhuwah fillah through social medium.. great!! Let's be connected... I'll follow your for more interesting posts... Love your english too :)

    This is my blog :
    - mohdsuhaimisalim.blogspot.com (English)
    - mohdsuhaimi95.blogspot.com (Malay)

    1. I hope so mr suhaimi... i hope so...
      yes..lets get connected... just that not much interesting things here... not yet, trying working on it...:)

      i see u around mr suhaimi..

  5. Replies
    1. hohoho... this one, i don't need to rely on luck....thank god u know... btw, thanks for being here... :D, see u around...

  6. Assalam perkenalan ..
    BW dan singgah dari Segmen yang sama .. salam perkenalan ye ..
    jumm balas2 terjah ..
    Segmen Ramaikan Follower Raikan Ukhuwah

    1. W'salam... and salam perkenalan... thanks for being here. I'll surely see u around :D

  7. Assalamualaikum Wafacw.... bw from the same segmen... wish u all the best :)

    1. w'salam... thanks for the visit :D, same goes to u..wish u the best too... and salam kenalan.. : )

  8. Salam ukhwah wafacw...
    Have a nice weekend and wish you best of luck..! :D

  9. datang dari segment yang sama
    follow me back... salam kenal semua


  10. Singgah BW dari segmen yang sama. Salam kenal. DOne Follow too


  11. salam ukhuwah..
    datang blogwalking dari segmen yang sama.

    wish you all the best :)


  12. Salam ukhwah. Dtg dari segmen yg sama ☺


  13. salam perkenalan.....dah follow.....datang dari segmen yang sama =)
    jemput singgah dan follow blog saya =)


  14. السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ
    Salam ukhuwah
    Singgah dari segmen yang sama

  15. salam ukhuwah.. datang singgah sini dari segmen yg sama..
    dan follow sini.. #66

  16. assalamualaikum, salam ukhwah...

    singah sini dari segmen yang sama :)



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