Jan 27, 2014

A Luxurious Lifestyle of The Sicks

hotel room
Have you spent one or two nights in any of the luxurious hotel’s room during holidays or vacations, let say, that cost you RM1,000.00 per night stay? Ok.. , it’s too much, how about a minimum of RM600.00 per night stay?

Well, I have to admit that I haven't, but staying in a RM300.00 per night hotel room has already given me quite a thrill, you know, with the exclusive, luxurious furniture; sofa, paintings, lighting and cupboard, with amazingly beautiful room decoration, extremely comfortable bed plus the facilities provided like wifi, movie channel and so on.

Hmmm…, life is just so wonderful.

Hotel room

Yup, when you stay in a luxurious hotel room even for one or two days, you are sort of, experiencing the lifestyle of the ‘riches’ or in my case may be 1% of the lifestyle of the riches..huhuhu..

I can’t imagine how it feels to stay in a RM1,000.00 plus, or RM5,000.00 hotel room? Can you???!!! (this question is meant for those who live day in and day out with less than RM7,000 per month, no offense)

However!!!… There is a good news!

If you are more or less like me, so ‘gayat’… and belong to the group of an average income earner… or slightly, a little bit, with just a tiny difference, below the income of this group, you now too, have a tremendous ‘no one should not miss’ opportunity to experience the luxurious lifestyle of the riches and famous or in the current political situation in Malaysia – the lifestyle of ‘bapak-bapak mentrees’!!! erghh!

Yup, you read it right! You can experience the wonderful, breathtaking, sensational, relaxing, comfortable, feel good channel, and all that sort of feeling, like staying in RM1,000.00 deluxe or suite hotel room, even if your income is just enough for a month expenditure.  And!!!!......... yes.. there is more…

You can experience it NOT just for one day!!!

You are given the pleasure of experiencing the lifestyle for almost a week, perhaps even a week (7 days nett)!!!

Wooowwwww!!!! Isn’t it interesting? Of course NOT!!! It’s heaven isn’t it!!!

Below are some of the picture of the luxury room you can stay in:

And below is the main room or same as Master-bed room:

Yes… it’s the luxury room at Prince Court, Kuala Lumpur that cost  RM1,000.00 per day. Great isn’t it?

Did I forget to tell you that you have to have the Prudential BSN Takaful Medical Card in order to stay here?  Oh my… Am I so forgetful… then I must have not yet told you, that you have to be SICK first to stay there haven’t I? Oh my dear…

P/S :
Interested in PruBSN Medical Card ?
Contact : Hayana Ali at 0125022249 or Facebook Page
or AM Che Li 

Credits :
Hotel room pics : www.hilton.com 
Prince Court pics : Hayana Ali's (PruBSN Takaful) facebook album


  1. Ahaha..I thought it is a homestay but.. Hopefully i will not getting sick anymore..letih dah makan ubat setahun setengah nak recover sakit.

    1. i thought..i thought.. i saw puthy cat... ehehehe...

  2. i rather choose not to sick to stay such place. kalau sakit baru nk stay here baik x payah. dlm keadaan sakit boleh ke enjoy the luxuries around?


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