Jan 31, 2014

Ilmu Blogspot Blogger Malaysia

A few weeks ago, which also about my first 2 or 3 weeks experience in blogging  (Yup, I’m so d*** new, pardon me), I noticed this blog, or the name of the blog, was almost in the Blog List of all the blogs that I visited as an activity called ‘blog walking’ by bloggers or blog owners (Malaysians) on the internet.

Well, I was quite curious about it, so I finally clicked on the link to the blog on a new friend’s blog, which landed me on a nice looking blog with a unique header pic. There was a picture of the backside of a man in black t-shirt with an orange colored logo behind the picture, or should I say in front of the man… huhuhu..  The current entry of the blog was entitled “Kontes Ilmu Blogspot Malaysia – Hadiah Utama RM400” and below the title, there was the writer’s name – Hasrul Hassan.

That is how I found the ‘Ilmu Blogspot Blogger Malaysia’ contest and how I got to know who the blog owner is, and why he or this Hasrul Hassan’s blog; hasrulhassan.com, is in almost, or many of the blogs I visited (Again, pardon me, as I’m so, so new in blogging world).

Now, after reading the entry, I learned that the contest was very interesting, especially the purpose of having the contest opened to Malaysian bloggers, new or experienced, apart from the amazing prizes offered. However, honestly, I knew it was quite impossible for me to take part in the contest since, there was not much knowledge that I have about blogging or 'Blogspot' compared to others I have met online. If I did have, it was like an itsy bitsy tiny little knowledge;  just the basic  knowledge to create a blog.

However, after a few days, I noticed, there were more entries of the participants coming in. And one of the participants was Mr.Cool (not the real name - it's the name I gave this person), one of the bloggers that I should say, I gravely obsessed with his style of writing. How, I love to read his writings, I would comment just about anything new he had written about.  So, after reading his participating entry, which also had in a way inspired me to become a successful blogger like him and Mr Hasrul Hassan, one day, I thought I should enter the contest and take the challenge – not with other experienced contestants but more like a challenge to myself.

So, here I am writing the contest entry.

Well, I would like to apologize before hand, since I don’t have much knowledge yet, as today, is my 30 plus days I involved in blogging, the THREE knowledge or ‘Ilmu Blogpsot Blogger Malaysia’ that I would be able to share is only based on a month experience, that is:
  1. Write regularly and constantly. As an example, when you decide to blog, you will have to write and keep on writing, post one entry after another, let say once or twice a day, and constantly – which means every day without fail.
  2. Allocate some time to visit other people’s blog, every day. It depends on how much time you can allocate, may be half an hour or one hour, or perhaps more if you are not too busy. Do this every day, read their latest entry, leave a comment even by just saying ‘yes… I agree’ for an instance, to show courtesy and leave you trail behind. This will also be an opening path to the opportunity to make new friends and strengthen the already bonded friendship.
  3. Follow whoever came to your blog from a referral site/blog who followed you. The relationship or friendship in the blogging world is not much different than the real physical world. By doing this, you are showing that you appreciate their kindness and their willingness to follow you (support you).
Well, that’s all that I would be able to share. The knowledge was even based on some advise from other experienced bloggers who had become my friends and supported me all these while. I can't say that, what I had stated above is a MUST, or an obligation, and might not totally true, but it's rather some points to be considered. It depends on each and individual self.

Alas, finally I come to the end of this entry and I am feeling so great of being able to finish this entry. Deep inside me, I knew, it’s not easy to win this contest, because I am not experienced with the proper or suitable style of writing for contest however, I take this as my first try and a starting point in seriously pursuing this field of work – blogging.

Kontes Ilmu Blogspot Blogger Malaysia dianjurkan oleh HASRULHASSAN.COM dan ditaja utama oleh Blog Hebat Syuhada1981.com, Dikbee.com, AbangEnsem.com, EjamOthman.com, Saji.my serta ditaja bersama oleh Blog Mesti Baca Babyaimacomel.blogspot.com, MawardiYunus.com, MiziSempoi.com, DindaMaisarra.blogspot.com, Ecadwinkyasha.com, Terbaek.net, DuniaFarisya.com, Paly.my, Phat.my dan Blog Ieta. Kontes Hadiah Utama Tunai RM400 disokong KomisenJobdirumah serta iBiasiswa.my.


  1. what an awesome detail sharing :) wish i could practise them all for my own xD

    1. No lah... so and so only lor... urs a lot better maa.. huhuhu...

      thanks for dropping by Shafiq.. I like ur IBBM more... :D

  2. terima kasih diatas perkongsian.datang dari senarai peserta segmen ilmu blogspot. salam ukhwah,

  3. I m also a poet and write poetry but writing long articles is little difficult for me right now , but if I practice then I think i can write, first I have to improve my English and after that I have to increase my vocabulary then I can write articles and become a blogger , and your guidance about writing blog is an piece of article , thanks a lot for sharing it with the viewers like us who wanted to learn more and more.


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