Feb 1, 2014

"Pelancaran FB Page Ianfaizal.com"

Assalamualaikum and greetings to all my most valued visitors, friends and blogger/blogging friends..

Since today is still in the mood of CNY holidays..., wish you all Happy Holidays and hope you all enjoy yourselves for these few days and days onwards. This would also be the best time to also get connected to close friends or make new friends around. In regards of this matter, I'd like to introduce each and everyone of you to my recently new friend (blogging friend) of mine whom I found him very warm and interesting as portrayed through his stylish writing on his blog Ianfaizal.com.

Well, to me, he's quite a funny man (I mean, with a lot of sense of humor) and I believe that, you'll like most of what he is writing on his blog. Even me myself, when hopped into his blog to read his recent postings, I would finally end up spending half an hour reading other postings he had written in the past :D

As you can see the title of my posting today, Ianfaizal, however is now launching his FB (facebook) Fan Page, to look for new friends and get to know his readers more. (in a way, it would be an opportunity to be able to know him a little bit more right?)

As for the launching of his FB fanpage, he invites any fellow bloggers to spread the words and for the effort that we give to support him, he is also offering quite a whole bunch of handsome and  attractive REWARDS!!! Guess, I'm not going to expose what are the compelling rewards he is offering as IT'S FOR YOU TO FIND OUT isn't it? Ok... Do look for detail information on his Pelancaran FB Page posting by clicking the banner below...

Hope to see you on the other side soon :D

P/S: As for mine, have not have a FB Page yet, but I'm looking forward to have one near future... therefor do come back to my blog 'MyBlog | wafacw" once in a while, k? Or, if it's not too much to ask, you might want to add me to your Blog List, should I'd announce my FB Page launching, you'll be alerted from your Blog List, won't it?

Thanks for being here  :D


  1. saya ada sertai tapi belu buat sesi suai kenal lagi

    1. :D, that's great to know... thanks for ur support. Sesi suai kenal can come later... :D

  2. Replies
    1. jom 'rose'... there's a whole bunch of advantages...especially for u and me :D

  3. Hi, first visit and follow ur blog dy, looks like the page is open to invited reader only?

    1. Hye .. thanks for being ere... followed u too... but, what do u mean 'open to invited reader only', which one?


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