Feb 28, 2014

Coffee For Breakfast

Coffee For Breakfast

Coffee... ?

coffee for breakfast
Have coffee first... Be right back this afternoon :D


Feb 27, 2014

Doa Menaiki Kenderaan

Doa Menaiki Kenderaan

Beberapa hari lepas, seorang sahabat yang sangat kami sanjungi di atas keperibadian dan sifat-sifat kepimpinan, yang juga merupakan salah seorang pembantu fasilitator/Jurulatih di Kem Nur Hijrah, Yan Kedah, telah kembali ke Rahmatullah pada usia 18 tahun setelah terlibat dalam kemalangan jalanraya. 

Feb 26, 2014

Bila Nama Perempuan, Mesti Kena Tahu... Tak Boleh Tak Tahu...

Bila Nama Perempuan, Mesti Kena Tahu... Tak Boleh Tak Tahu...

Abah dia memang 'strict' bab ni... bila kata kena buat, jawabnya KENA buat... tak boleh 'sat', tak boleh 'nanti dulu'... Bila abah kata KENA TAHU... tak kira dah, sampai masa... KENA TAHU dan BOLEH BUAT!...
(Mentang-mentang abah 'retired Kapten KRS.'... whoahahaha)

Wordless Wednesday 10

Can't go back home yet... so look at the pictures...

Feb 25, 2014

Miss Them...

Suddenly... I miss them so much.. :(

Be Careful With My Heart Fever

Be Careful With My Heart Fever

Recently, about a week or so, I noticed my wife was acting a little bit strange. Firstly, she came back home early than usual. Normally she would arrive home between 4pm to 5pm, but recently she was already at home around 2.30pm. Secondly, she would enter my room (where I am working) give me a quick hug from behind, and leave the room hurriedly without saying a word. And this happens everyday!!!

Feb 23, 2014

Get Fresh Fish Without Fishing

Get Fresh Fish Without Fishing

Even though we live exactly in Alor Setar town or city (Bandaraya Alor Setar), we are considered lucky because Alor Setar is actually about 30 minutes away from the seaside. So, we still can easily access the fresh fish or 'just arrived' from sea by boats... not by lorries. And normally we can get 'Temenung', 'Tenggiri' and even 'Bawal' which are just uploaded from the boats.

Feb 22, 2014

Kes BR1M Tak Diluluskan?

BR1M tak lulus
Dalam sibuk semua yang rasa dia layak dapat BR1M cuba keluarkan guna ATM, tiba-tiba ada pula yang dapat mesej 'BR1M anda tidak lulus'...

Makan Tengahari di Kenduri Kahwin

uikkkss? gambar sapa nieh...?

Makan Tengahari di Kenduri Kahwin

Hari ni hari Sabtu dan kebetulan ada kenduri kahwin kena attend, so makan tengahari hari ni kat kenduri sajalah. Tak payah masak apa-apa :D. Untuk malam ni, biasanya kalau dah makan heavy kat kenduri, we all makan burger atau roti John saja...

Feb 21, 2014

Rahsia Hubungan Suami-Isteri Kekal Lama

Masak Tempoyak Pucuk Ubi Kayu Bersama Udang

Rahsia Hubungan Suami Isteri Kekal Lama...

Semalam saya BW (blog walking) ke blog rakan-rakan blogger yang pernah singgah ke blog saya yang tak seberapa ni, dan meninggalkan tapak kaki mereka merata tempat (Terima kasih ribu-ribu terima kasih kepada mereka yang sudi ^_^). Dalam salah satu blog yang saya BW tu, terdapat satu 'komen balas' daripada komen saya sebelum ini yang di antaranya bertanyakan saya apakah tip rahsia hubungan  suami-isteri kekal lama.

Kari Kelapa Ikan Nyonya

Kari Kelapa Ikan Nyonya?
Kari Kelapa (Kepala?) Ikan Nyonya...

Today is Friday and here in Kedah, it's holiday! And the best thing is Friday is my wife's cooking day!!! Yeah!!! And... yes, another and,... and her menu today, 1) "Masak Tempoyak Pucuk Ubi Kayu Bersama Udang" (according to her...ehehhe), 2) "Ayam Goreng Madu" and 3) "Sup Ikan Tenggiri" chinese style... Hmmmmm Ummmphh!!!!

Feb 20, 2014

Pucuk Ubi Kayu Rebus Cecah Budu

Hmm... Today, I'd like to have 'Pucuk Ubi Kayu Rebus' for dinner, and also to have it with 'Bilis' Sauce a.k.a Budu ehehe ..hmmmm  bilis sauce? *sounds hilir a bit*

So, firstly since I have to go somewhere else this afternoon, i just have to leave the leaves in the water for a while. :D

The Strangest Thing Happened To Me... OMG!

Ohayo Gozaimasu everybody!!! :D and MoshiMoshi :)
OGenki desuka?

What could be the most strange thing that can happen to you? Ever experience such thing?

Feb 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday 9

Murraya koenigii 

(a.k.a karipole)

Murraya koenigii by wafacw
Buat cecah budu tengahari ni... hmmm...#delicious #marvelous ehehe

Wordless Wednesday 8

Lets Go To School...

Ahmad Adam Wafa Raziwafa
Jom!... pi olah... :D

Feb 18, 2014

A Fan Reaction On Kedah Vs Johor (Liga Super 2014) 2nd Quarter Final

This afternoon,  a friend post an entry on his facebook regarding the 2nd Quarter Final 2014 Super League tonight which is between Kedah and Johor. :D

Kenapa Saya Buat Bisnes Kad Jauh Lebih Murah Dari Biasa

Kenapa Saya Buat Bisnes Kad Jauh Lebih Murah Dari Biasa. Berkenaan dengan membuat bisnes kad (atau kad bisnes?), sebenarnya ia bukanlah satu perniagaan utama saya. Saya hanya pernah mengambil tempahan untuk kawan-kawan atau adik beradik terdekat sahaja, itu pun dalam 4 atau 5 tahun yang lepas. Oleh kerana saya membuat bisnes kad untuk kawan-kawan rapat, maka sudah tentu saya tidak mengenakan caj atau upah mengikut harga di kedai,

Feb 17, 2014

A Friend Was Robbed

Datuk karam Sigh Walia UPM TESL 95
Feel so bad. I just heard that news that my friend or course mate's house was robbed last Thursday, I'm not sure how many of us knew about this, but the news was not spread around in our batch's Facebook Group page.

Feb 16, 2014

One Sure Way To Get High Alexa Traffic Ranking In Blogging

Previously, I wrote about Alexa Traffic Ranking and Blogging (click HERE to read the entry); a general idea of what Alexa ranking is about and whether it is important or not to you as a blogger. In this entry, I’d like to touch on the ONE SURE WAY to get high rank with Alexa traffic ranking, if you think Alexa ranking is important for your blog. 

Feb 15, 2014

Alexa Traffic Ranking And Blogging

I believe, many blog owners, if not all, most of them, would have heard of Alexa Traffic Ranking. About two months ago, when I decided to have a blog for the first time, I didn’t have a single clue of what Alexa was. I couldn’t say that I had not heard of it, since I have been involved with internet since 1997.

Feb 13, 2014

RM1 Million Needed For Adzriefaiz's Baby Surgery

adzriefaiz baby need RM1 million for surgery
RM1 Million Needed For Adzriefaiz's Baby Surgery : Just now, I noticed a post on a friend's facebook expressing his simpathy towards Adzriefaiz's first baby who urgently required to undergo a surgery which cost RM1 million. The baby is now being treated at a medical center in Singapore for a chronic liver condition.

Feb 11, 2014


It was nearly 10 pm when Zikri finally finished up the assignment which he had to submit during the morning lecture the next day. He took a deep breath of satisfaction and took a glance at his roommate’s whom was lying on the bed reading comic while listening to the walkman. 

“Mate! Wanna go out for a drink?” He turned around and looked straight at his room-mate. 

Feb 9, 2014

Condemn Others For Good Reasons?

In this entry, I’d like to stress about a behavior that is quite common in our society – condemning others. According to the freedictionary.com (an online dictionary), condemning means to pronounce judgment against, or sentence for example ‘condemned the felons to prison’. In my own words, or my simple explanation is, to provide evidence or proves and to suggest, that a particular person or group of people has done ‘wrong doings’ and some sort of action should be taken upon him/her or them.
Let me detail an example here.

Feb 8, 2014

There's So Much With Life Begins At Fourty

Way back in 1998 if I were not mistaken, I had a friend who was turning 40 that year. He used to be a close friend since we were teaching the same subject at school and both of us were in the evening school session. Actually, he was such a cool guy and I haven’t met anyone as cool as him before. Somehow, when he turned 40, he was even cooler than ever hahahahaha…

Feb 7, 2014

Sex Question : Gender or Sex Behavior?

Image Source
As many of us have already known that the word sex has two common meanings. First meaning is more about gender or in malay - 'jantina', and another one is relating to sexual behavior or acts. I remember when mIRC* was a popular form of communication way back in late 90s among the netters, we used a question for another person to tell more about themselves which was "ASL?" or "Age, Sex and Location?". Here the word sex means your 'gender'; are you a male or female...

Feb 6, 2014

Video Footage Of An Addict Being Walloped For Breaking A Car

screen shot of a video footage
Reading IanFaizal's post in his blog, regarding a man being walloped for breaking a car aroused my interest to find out more of the incident. Searching for the video in Google Search, I found this video footage that he might have had been referring to. However, it's not about the man who was caught for trying to steal from a car that attracted my attention the most, but rather IanFaizal's opinion regarding the crime that seems to be out of control.

Feb 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday 5

Oh My DSLR!!!...


What Do I Get From Blogging!

A few weeks ago, I finally decided to create a blog. My intention was to have a record of some activities that I would have gone through in life such as going on a vacation or certain family important occasions.  I never thought of writing for someone else to read but myself.


Feb 1, 2014

"Pelancaran FB Page Ianfaizal.com"

Assalamualaikum and greetings to all my most valued visitors, friends and blogger/blogging friends..

Since today is still in the mood of CNY holidays..., wish you all Happy Holidays and hope you all enjoy yourselves for these few days and days onwards. This would also be the best time to also get connected to close friends or make new friends around. In regards of this matter, I'd like to introduce each and everyone of you to my recently new friend (blogging friend) of mine whom I found him very warm and interesting as portrayed through his stylish writing on his blog Ianfaizal.com.

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