Jan 18, 2014

Who Says Blogging Is Difficult? Huh...

  I started blogging officially on the eve of the new year, this year. So, today this blog is more or less 18 days old (I’ve just finished shaving my blog’s head[er] after the remaining of it’s umbilical cord or tali pusat falls by itself – you know ;p ). When I look back on the first entry of this blog “Blogging”, I remember how skeptical I was on whether I can write or not, or whether I can actually go far in this attempt. Well, ‘close-open, close-open’ or like what they usually say in malay ‘pejam-celik, pejam-celik…’, 18 or 19 days had passed by. This blog survives!!! (with nearly a week quarantined due to ‘jaundice’ – 7 - 12 January, whoahaha..heck).

Hmmm.. not bad – Who says blogging is difficult?

Now, allow me to have a big laugh first… Whoahahahahahahaha!!!!

Forgive me for that.

I’m telling you. Who says blogging is NOT difficult  - I dare them to start one!

One word to describe the experience that I had gone through this far – HELL!!! My goodness…, especially, in the past few days. I almost broke my own record that I created when I was in my early 20s – 4 days non sleep to finish a game or 96 hours round the clock! Yeah! Not bad for an old man. Shoot…

Took the advice from many OTAI bloggers on their blogging tips’ entries, I spent 70% or 80% of the time, BLOGWALKING! (That’s how I found quite a number of extremely cool OTAI bloggers, and I would like to name a few of them here:
*I give him the ‘gelaran’ for his one-liner ‘bakal isteri-isteri’ whoahahahaha! Cool!
Come back to the ‘blogwalking’ things, can’t tell you more – it’s one hell of an element in blogging that is really, really, reaaaaaally  significant (for me so far). Guess what, note this, THE MORE I READ, THE LESS KNOWLEDGE I GET! Hohoho… it’s not an idiom, don’t take it wrongly… the more I read, the clearer I see the part that I don’t know especially about blogging – it’s more like the big black circle in the middle of a  white paper shrinks into a tiny dot or it’s like going outer space… you will find that the earth becomes smaller.. smaller…  and smaller as you shoot further into the universe! Subhanallah!

Why it takes me so much time, blogwalking?

Well, it’s like walking in a huge shopping mall, a really huge one ok? There are a lot of shops in the shopping mall. So, you approach the first shop. Now, as you are in front of the shop or at the ‘muka pintu’, would you just stand there and just give a glimpse on what is selling inside the shop (for less than 10 secs).

Of course, it’s not quite nice isn’t it? Even though, most of the things displayed are not that interesting or not of your taste or types, or even they could make you spit the three-words-phrase such as ‘WTH’ or ‘WH*’ unintentionally or spontaneously as soon as you lay your eyes on them, I personally think that I should at least pick one, look closely (or AS IF you are interested), give a smile to the shopowner or just a nod, then put it back and walk out slowly (so the visit would take at least more than a minute or there’s a trace you leave behind huhuhu – decrease the bounce-rate?).

Now, cool isn’t it? So, when you find a really good items in the shop, you would tend to view from one item to another, and you'd forgot time flies just like that. That’s why it takes so much time, visiting one shop to another.

And, sometimes, I find myself in front of PARKSON, or PIZZA HUT, KFC or McDonald with full of customers (or more than 10 customers at one time)…, then, of course, I’d take an effort to greet the manager with the ‘muka tak malu’ greetings ehehhe…

What?!!! What I am blabbering of here!!!! Whoaaa… such a lengthy one!

OK..lets cut the crap here!

It’s really take a hell of an effort when blogging, especially for the beginner like me, who  are not familiar with blogging at all or start from ZERO.. (OK I lie, starts from 0.01).

However…, there is a however,… it’s kind of fun. To me, to have a visit from the OTAI is an extreme satisfaction. You know, when you are an ‘ikan bilis’ is allowed to swim along  with Billy – the blue whale –  even for a milliseconds… whoahahahaha… It really feels good!!!

No, no, no… I’m not gonna elaborate more, else… it’s going to become a NOVEL with no one really wants to read. Hahahahaha…

So, before I pen off, I guess, I should give some credits to those who had leave their comments on my teeny-tiny little blog. A huge thanks to :
Wallahualam bissawab.

p/s: this entry is supposed to appear on Friday, but due to technical error (lappy burnt), it appears today. sigh... :)


  1. just lepak2 here for a while. a very nice sharing. thanks for mentioning mia here. and also thanks for visiting me always... (^_^)

    # blog ini boleh di touch up sedikit lagi... semangat berblog pun ada... di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan. yang penting perlu ada keinginan untuk belajar dan mencuba... good luck ya...

    1. can't say how great it feels to have you here. Thank u :)

      p/s: sometimes to exaggerate things to attract attention, as long as it's not for the bad purpose..isn't it. But I did check your alexa ranks once in a while.. :)

      # This blog is in it's infant phase... lots of experimenting here... you know, the view is still blurry and can't actually differentiate colors... huhuhu...

    2. your most welcome.... happy belated birthday, wafa....

  2. Wah, wonderful lady?! *blushes* ( inside: Muwahahahahaha...)

    Eventhough I'm not so good at blogging too (there's still much to learn), some that helps are:

    1. Feedly.com
    Using 'Add Content', I add blogs I want to stal-...err..I mean follow, and I check it whenever I'm free. Makes it easier to follow blog updates. Can be used for normal websites too.

    Anyway, the difficulty really depends on what the purpose of your blog. If for sharing experience, it's not difficult at all. If for making money...yepp. Then again, people don't give away money for free, so we'd have to earn it. For transitions or experimenting, the difficulty depends on which part you want to venture further; article writing, Javascripts, blog networking?

    All in all, you should have fun. No sense in doing something if you can feel happy about it :)

    Chaiyokk! Fighting!


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