Jan 25, 2014

Feels Great And No Problems Of Course

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A few days ago, I received a call from a friend I had not heard from him for quite a long time. The last time we had a chat was about 8 or 9 months ago, if I were not mistaken. He used to be in the same sales team in Prudential.

“Hello sifuuuu!” I heard a loud shout on the other end of line.

“How are you? Have not heard from you for quite a long time!” He continued with a loud cracking laugh.

“Hahahahaha!!! I’m doing great!” I replied, also laughing and in a shouting tone of voice.

It’s have been common to me to tell people that I am doing ‘great’  whenever I am asked of how I have been doing.  It has becoming a habit and it’s all started when I was in Shaklee group of people. People in Shaklee would always say that they are doing great, no matter what situation they are in – well, you know, nobody escaped from problems or bad time in life!

I also recently noticed that, whenever I find something interesting about others, I would compliment them by saying, “It’s great!” or “You are a great person!”. And it’s also genuine, at the moment I was saying it.

What I meant by “I recently noticed” is, I had never realized it before, until I said it when answering my friend’s call. It’s because, I actually was really, really in a deep s***! My laptop was suddenly shut off and couldn’t start, while I was in the middle of doing something very, very, very important. 

And, however, I was still being able to laugh and said, “I am doing GREAT!!!”. Whoahahahaha!!!

Now, it’s really amazing, isn’t it. When you say the word - GREAT, even though, it promptly comes out of your mouth, you are brought to the situation of being great, being good, being comfort, peace of mind and feel really great about yourself. This is what I assume as, the POWER OF POSITIVE THOUGHTS.

When you get used to being positive most of the time, especially by applying or using positive words in your conversation, in communication, you would find yourself not feeling bad too much when facing something bad unexpectedly – well, like what I had when my laptop went blank and cold, in the middle of doing something very important.

And I also noticed that people would think that I have been doing well and don’t have much problems or not being troubled by critical problems or situations. Ehhehehe…

There were certain times before, a few of my friends (only one or two selected friends), had shown a terrifying look on their face, like what you normally seen in horror movies, or gave a shocking, pale look at me and even to the extend where they just stayed silence for a few minutes, staring at me after I shared a few problems that I was facing. Hahahahahaha… 

Well, Alhamdulillah, I can still smile, I can still write something, I can still go to sleep when the time comes and I still am feeling good with myself. What else could be done? Just focus and really focus on how you solve the problems, look hard on the possibilities of solving problems… not dwelling on the problems!

With this, I would like to wish myself ALL THE BEST!!! Ehehhee….

Again, I am writing this to myself and if you manage to read up to this point, for whatever reasons you have, I thank you. Cheers!

Allahualam bissawab.


  1. hahahaha Fae! u got it... feels great isn't it?

    1. Opss.. again I make the mistake of typing my comment in a wrong comment box...
      *should have click reply to ur comment* Sigh... :D

  2. I believe when we always say something positive, we actually train our-self to always be positive. :)


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