Jan 26, 2014

How Do You Get Traffic to Your Websites Or Blogs

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Just now, as I was walking from blog to blog which I had listed in my Blog list widget, I came to an interesting blog owned by Wan Simple-numbling-Me(SNM) blogspot).

I could say that I would walk into his blog almost every day. This lad updates his blog every day, sometimes up to 2 or 3 entries a day. So when I was on his blog, I would be able to read a few entries, which had been written quite well (santai gitu).

He hadn’t need to write long entries,  may be about 400 or 600 words only, but the way he conveyed his ideas in short and straight to the point is rather interesting.

Well, what I want to share here, is about one of his latest entries  today.

Wan (SNM) is sharing about 3 types of traffics that come to our website or blog. Nope, mr police traffic is not included – that is what he says.

Well, I’m glad it’s not… ehehhe…

Ok, so the first type of traffic, according to him, is what we call it as DIRECT TRAFFIC.

Now, what in the world is this DIRECT TRAFFIC? He wrote that, direct traffic refers to our bloggers friends, or if not bloggers, they would also be those who have already known us or has becoming our fans, or have been visiting our blog on a regular basis.

These people, if they are bloggers, they might have had our blog address listed in their blog list. He also uses the term ‘bookmark’ or save our URL address, for a return visit.

He also gives an example of those who remember our URL address by heart, even though our  URL address might be as long as ‘jambatan Pulau Pinang’… Yeah, he’s quite a funny guy :D

The number two types of traffic is REFERRAL TRAFFIC.

Wan, explained that this type of traffic is among those who come to our blog THROUGH others' blogs or websites. For example, when you go to your friend’s blog and leave a few comments there, and at a certain time, other visitors of the website might probably stumble upon our comments and follow the link to our blogs.

You see? Your friend’s blog has become a referring site, for others to come to our website or blog.
Here, he stressed on how important for us to do blog walking and leave our comments in the process, we don’t know if somebody, anybody might be interested in our comments and decided to drop by at our blog.

OK, the last one.  This type of traffic is known as ORGANIC TRAFFIC. It doesn’t use any chemical  fertilizers or spray. Ehehehe…just kidding.

Organic traffic is referring to those who come to our blog through search engine for example Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

The reason why they end up on our blogs or websites is due to the link of our websites or blogs shown on the search engine result page, after they Google for certain information – provided that, the link or links appeared on the first page of the search engine result (or may be on the second and third page).

So, from the information provided by Wan, we can conclude that, in order to increase the traffic to our sites or blogs, first – we have to have as many friends as possible, who will be visiting us from time to time. 

In this case, we must have something interesting to share on our blogs so that we can attract many people to become our friends, or may be by BEING nice to others - when people come to our blog and FOLLOW us, try very hard to FOLLOW them as well… :D

These are the least that we can do, until we learn more about the SEO things in the process… ehehhe

OK..so that’s all.

To get the first hand information right from his blog, you can go to his blog by clicking HERE


Wow, am I amazed with myself - manage to make things difficult to understand harharharhar...
See how easy Wan explain about this ehehehe : Click to go to Wan's Blog

p/s : sorry to waste your time - huhuhu...

28 JAN 2014 : CORRECTED!
Mistaken Owner of the Blog with The Blog itself
Thanks to Xciterz for pointing the mistakes.


  1. wow. I cant say anything. Thank sebab sudi view blog saya yang masih berumur sebulan!

    1. It's my pleasure... like your entry, so i tried to sort of have a note here...

  2. kena rajin usaha. nanti senang la dapat trafik tu.

  3. You'll never look at traffic quite the same again :)

    1. Oh... thank you MT... and thanks for being here too :D appreciate it... tq

  4. Ini bukan dari blog WAN ke?

  5. yes..dah banyak blogger yang share info tentang trafik blog. Yes, kalau blog tu banyak info, itu advantage untuk blog tu la

  6. Nope.. they are two different person :D

    1. oh..
      so who is WAN...
      can have the link? if its not a problem... :)

  7. oh haha thanks .. xciterz peminat blog wan ke smpai tau semua ni.. joke.. hehe

    1. Hahahaha... dia x bagi tahu tp after 2 times he askes the same question, i started to check it out...

      Great to have a friend like him.. well done Wan!!!

  8. baru saya tahu tentang trafik2 blog tu apa. Tq for the simple explanation.

  9. haahahah you are funny and yes i am learning heaps from you post....thank you for sharing...blog walking it is....hahaha so we are all from M n Y Nov 2011

    1. Hahaha.. thank you for 'walking' in my 'blog' while blog walking ehehhe... Good to know this post 'at least' of a benefit.

      Yup :D from M n Y Nov 2011.. Nice to meet you agaian :)

  10. yeah.... ThaT's right what you've said there~ To make it clear, increasing your traffic is not only by only those three as you'd mentioned above... more and more techniques blogspot has given to us making our blog stand out from the others... ENJOY gaining your traffic.. like me can gain nearly 2000 traffic per day only from a single post ahahaha.. anyway, im new blogger too.. visit mine if have your time..

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    mohsuhaimisalim.blogspot.com (english)


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