Jan 26, 2014

1st Anniversary Giveaway by Janahazana.blogspot.com

Janahazana's GA Contest!
Yeah! Looks like, here comes another Giveaway Contest!!!!

This is Janahazana 1st Anniversary Giveaway! Congratulations Janahazana!!! 365 days is a looooooooooooong way. If converted to hours, we get 8,760 hours... Wow! Ohsem!!! (the malay slanga word for AWESOME huhuhu)..

Well, this GA is somewhat really interesting. Can you guest what is the prize offered?

Jeng, je..Jennng!!! RM450 worth of Prizes to be given away to the 5 lucky winners!!! ... aaaaaaaaaand, yes... there is an 'and', aaaaaaand!!! ...

1st Anniversary Giveaway by Janahazana.blogspot.com
1st Anniversary Giveaway by Janahazana.blogspot.com

                   and 1 'buku mini' (not sure what is buku mini actually is...) plus 1 'digital tasbeeh!... Great! Isn't it!!!

However, the winners will be selected by random so, if you want to join this contest, you are advised to pray a lot that you will be the LUCKY ones!...

Oh YES, since today is 26th of January, you will have another 5 days to go.. (if you are reading this post today)... The closing date is on the 31st of January.

Now, as for the requirement, do visit Janahazana's blog by clicking the image above...

So... what are you waiting for? CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE NOW!!!...

.. and Good Luck, k?



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