Jan 16, 2014

We Are NOT PERFECT! Just That… Simple!

stop complaining too much and love everone around us
 I am not really sure of the exact statistic or whether someone, somewhere has done any research or not, but roughly from an unintention observation, I can say that more than 50% of the things I hear, I read, I see, on a daily basis is about COMPLAINTS, complaints and complaints. During breakfast at the Nasi Lemak stall, at the mini market, on the facebook, on blogs, at home – every where (including me now… ehehehhe..), there will always about complaints! Wowww…

Well, we tend to complaint when we are not satisfied with certain things. Its kind of natural, so common that it has become part of us. We don’t like someone’s actions towards us, we complaint. We don’t like how people talk to us, we complaint. And the best part is, we also complaint about something that is not related to us AT ALL. It’s kind of ‘complaint’ on behalf of others… hahahaha…

Sometimes, we complaint for the sake of complaining. No purpose at all. Just enjoy complaining things.

Recently, I have this opportunity to isolate myself from the surroundings. I am in my own world. Not much communication with others, except with myself and some friends on the facebook (only a few lines).  I have never felt so calm, not being angry at people, not feeling sad over something, and my focus is on improving my relationship with my creator.

The thing that I notice is, we as a human being, is created to experience things, to learn, to adapt, to react, with the nature, the environment, with other human beings. In the process, sometimes or could be  most of the times, we make mistakes. That is the way we learn. That is the way we experience life. So, we are not perfect! Absolutely not.

What I have discovered, is not actually new. I heard it so many times, in seminars, from my teachers when I was in school, in self-improvement or motivational courses that I used to attend, from books, magazines and so on. It has always been in my ‘brain’ somewhere. And like I said, we are not perfect, so we don’t actually aware of it.

When we are in a deep emotional state like anger, anxiety or remorse, we tend to get too overwhelmed and we forgot the simple fact that WE ARE NOT PERFECT.

So, if we makes mistakes, others also make mistakes. It’s life. Accept life as it is. Why not start NOT COMPLAINING too much… ehehe… Feel blessed with what we’ve got , which is given by Allah swt.

Allahualam bissawab.

p/s: Try my best not to complaint too much :)

most of us occasionally need someone to point out the obvious and more often, the not so obvious

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