Jan 25, 2014

Things That Make A Man Wants To Cry

 This afternoon, when I logged in to my facebook account, there was one new message unread. So, I straight away clicked the message icon and the Message Board appeared at the bottom of the facebook page. The name was Zainal Bahren, and I don't quite familiar with the name, however had greeted me with Salam, and asking how I am doing.

To answer the message I decided to find out who the person was, since this person had never had any contact since I had my facebook updated in 2008. There were only a few photos on this person's facebook account plus, most of the photos or images are tagged from the facebook feeds. However, there was this picture of a man with his children and I clicked to see the larger view. And yess, I remembered that face.

He is one of my students when I was teaching in SMK Jabi, Pokok Sena, way back in year 2001 or 2002, can't really remember the exact year.

Heheheh... It has been quite a long time and he had grown up to be a family man.

So, replied his message, but he didn't reply.

later, in the afternoon, when I was updating my blog, his message appeared again and we had a chat plus a good laugh talking about life we are currently going through.

Just now, there was a new notification beep sound came from the facebook page and when i clicked on it, someone was tagging my name on a post by Zainal Bahren. I clicked on it to read the post and this is what appeared on the facebook:

Oh my... I... just don't know what to say...

How I love them all at that time... and i miss them too...



  1. Bila ada yg mengingati. Apatah lagi student sendiri. Peringatan untuk IM ni supaya selalu tegur cikgu2. Hehe

    1. hmm... entri ni emosi sikit. :)
      jgn lupa doakan kebaikan utk cikgu2..tu jer...

  2. guru salah satu profesyen yg saya sngt respect.

    1. It's great to hear that... baru selamat dunia akhirat... :D


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