Jan 24, 2014

"Segmen Blogger's Birthday by Invisible Me"

Segmen Blogger's Birthday by Invisible Me
One of the good things that I found very interesting about having a 'Bloglist' is, it makes it easier for me to do 'blogwalking', and when we do blogwalking, we will find many other interesting things shared by our friends or other bloggers for example this idea of what they called it 'Segmen Blogger's Birthday". Today, I stumble upon the 'segmen' held by Invisible Me in her Invisible Note blog.

About the segmen

According to Invisible Me the owner of Invisible Note, she held this 'segmen' as she was inspired by her blogger friend known as Vee.

The purpose of having the 'segmen' is to have a collection of bloggers' birthday dates and she had created a page called 'BIRTHDAY' page on her blog to list down the collection. With this, later she would have the opportunity to wish Birthday Wishes to bloggers taking part in the 'segmen', or perhaps others who are interested and care enough to take the efforts! Cool... isn't it?

The terms and conditions are really easy but in this kind of 'segmen' there is no giveaway provided... However, who knows, if she would change her mind isn't it?  Ehehhehe...

Calling All Blogger Friends To Join The 'Segmen'

So, of course, she invites each and everyone of us 'blogger' to take part in this campaign which of course would give a whole lots of benefits to everyone of us ( I bet on this... ehehehe).



For more information, do visit Invisible Me's blog HERE or click the link under the image above.

NOTE :  As part of the requirements to take part in "Segmen Blogger's Birthday by Invisible Me" is, we have to provide our BIRTH DATE... That's of course for SURE isn't it, else why would have the 'segmen'...hohohohhooho...

So my Birthday date is : YOU HAVE TO CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT :)

* The secret's revealed *



  1. Terima kasih join. Nanti IM senaraikan :)

    Percuma baucer diskaun untuk semua pembaca blog IM kat SINI :)

  2. Selamat bersegmen saudara Wafa.. okay, will find some free time to join the segmen


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