Jan 24, 2014

A Discovery in Blogging - My Personal Experience

mia liana
I have never been so excited, extremely or even gravely excited, before, in my life.  Yesterday – Thursday, around 10.30am, Mialiana.com had me featured in one of her entries!!! As soon as I saw my name in the entry, I couldn’t help myself but to smile so wide by myself…

Oh my God!... 
I don’t know how to describe how excited I was at that time…

You know, being stated (have a link back to my blog) in Mialiana.com’s blog,  is… is like, being a guess in David Letterman’s Show… or… or a guess in the Oprah Winfrey’s Show!!!

My goodness, I had never thought of being given such an opportunity… It’s more like a gift – a gift that is more valuable than a car! Hmmmm… even while writing this, I still can’t stop smiling! Yeahh… sounds like I am exaggerating this, but god knows how it meant so much to me…

Pn Mialiana.com, a million thanks for what you have done. It’s truly an honor… :D

Sometimes, when things are common to us… we don’t see how great the things are. For someone, who had never experience the thing… it’s a huge thing, and it means a lot. A cross country runner, would take running 400 meters as 'a not a big deal'… but for those who had never run, to complete 400 meters run, is a huge achievement… it means the world… or heaven…

Mind me, for being like a child.

A discovery

The idea to have a blog, or running a blog… (blogging) is what I have in mind for almost 8 years. I have made nearly 100 attempts before, but I managed to create a blog, but never had really run a blog and, never had more than 10 entries…  I started this blog with a great fear of having 3 or 4 entries and it’d be left just like that, like what happened before.

What makes me still writing now, is the discovery that I’ve made, after reading through Mialiana’s blog… and from her blog, I found many other blogs.

What I have discovered is… blogging is something that they do, with passion… with true heart… I believe that some of the bloggers I found, writes not actually for others to read… but for them to read…

Those who had been blogging for more than 3 years… start with not more than 20 entries in the first year… but they go on writing, and the number of entry increases, until they have more than 300 entries a year… with more than 500 followers, and with an average of 20 comments per entry…  and they are a lot more happier!  wiser… more humble, cute and confident.  Ainim Rashihah, should she had quit before finishing her second year – she wouldn’t have come this far. And I just love her courage… and she, in a way inspired me to keep going.

Ainim Rashihah

I believe, blogging, is not really about money… it’s about satisfaction, it’s about training the mind… it’s about improving oneself, it’s about diligent and perseverance…  and the most significant is about SHARING the knowledge, the skills, the discoveries, inspiring others, and having a community with the ‘same mind’…

I’m glad, that I found you all in the internet, in this virtual world, and I salute each and everyone, all of you whom are called ‘Bloggers’! And I started to feel proud to be accepted in this community, which was quite strange for me before… and hopefully I would carry the title – Blogger, with respect and dignity in the future, soon!

May Allah bless ya all…

p/s #1: AND I, AM WRITING THIS ENTRY FOR MYSELF… but if you managed to read this entry to this point, I thank you…

p/s #2: And with this, I am officially, creating my first FRIEND's BlogList. To honor those who are in my first list, I'd like to award them with 'Wafacw@blogspot #1 choice' badge*. You may or may not, display this badge in your blogs (optional), and if you'd feel like displaying it, below is the CODE that you might want to use to place the badge anywhere you feel comfortable.


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  7. kamsiah-yusoff
  8. Linda
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  14. omentoshere
  15. arjunapopkorn
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  19. simple-numbling-me 

p/s #3: It's gonna talk one or two days for the BLOGLIST #1 to appear since I need to learn how put the widget :)

Wallahualam bissawab.


  1. terimakasih...blog picisan saya tersenarai kat sini..:)

    1. Pn Kamsiah... the pleasure is mine. I'm the one who should be thankful to you :)... great to meet u.

      * your blog is far from 'picisan'.. compared to mine.. or mine is more picisan than yours..*

      tq :D

  2. tq masukkan blog saya. smga semangat berblogging enck wafa terus mmbara

    1. Tifa.. thanks to you, more... inshaAllah...inshaAllah... my extremely close friend always says "sebaik mana perancangan kita, lebih baik lagi perancangan Alla SWT".. however, friends' support DO helps... isn't it?

  3. pehh..100 kali percubaan tu..

    1. Owaaaa.... tq for being here En Titan!!! Everytime I see u in the comment section, my blood straight away rush to my head!!! Ohohohohoh... tq Master.. :D

      * 100? ehehhe inspired by an entry in one of the blog i read mentioning "100's of blogs"... so, kind of like the number...huhuhuh*

  4. Sorry wafa... hari ni tersangatlah busy... thank you so much for this lovely post. Such an honour to me too..

    Blogging is not just $$$$ only. It's about friendship, love, sharing, caring and community. We create our own world and make it happy and enjoy our life together. Internet is the medium and also other social network. That harmony relationship.. the best I have now...

    Peace... (^_^)

  5. It's OK mem.. no problem... My pleasure..

  6. As Salam Saudara Wafa.. First of all, thank you so much. Never expect that I could inspired people. Yes, blogging is my hobby in the first place and I'm started with a fan blog before dedicated to Super Junior (k-pop).

    Tapi sekarang ni saya fokus kepada personal blog, maybe because of my age..hihi

    Apa pun, selamat maju jaya dalam dunia blog ya

    1. Ainim, the pleasure is all mine...

      And Yes... thanks for wishing me the best... inshaAllah.. :D


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