Jan 4, 2014

Amrimi Othman at KEM NUR HIJRAH, Yan, Kedah


The first time I met Amrimi Othman was at a ‘Mesyuarat Jurulatih KRS Daerah Kota Setar’ which was held at the PPD Kota Setar, way back in 1998, if I were not mistaken. He was one of the committee members of the secretariat.

 The one major common thing that Amrimi and I had was
both of us were known as the most “mean” KRS trainers. Well, we were both very young at that time and being in a group of elderly teachers, we were some sort of extremely energetic, serious with what we were doing and of course we never rest for being other than number one! Ehehe… Actually his is one year younger than me, so he is like the right ‘partners in crime’… lol

I was told that, some KRS cadets, when they were chosen to attend any of the training courses by the PPD or JPN at the JPN State Training Camp or Kem Singkir, Yan, one of their major concern was, whether there would be Tuan Amrimi or Tuan Razi as one of the trainers in that course. To think about it, I can’t imagine what kind of a teacher I had been all these while. If any of you who are reading, used to be one of my students or cadets and found that I was too harsh on you back then, I’d like to apologise. I am a different person now..huhuhu.

Come back to  the story about Amrimi. He is one of my best of the best friends. We had gone through many things together especially as KRS trainers. One of the best experience that I had with him is when together we trained the KRS Kedah Team or contingent for the National KRS Camp in Johor, way back in the year 2001. I really enjoyed myself working with him.


In 2010, Amrimi invited me and one of his friend, Mohamad Bokhori to form a company called Vivid Vision Resources. Being in a team with him in Vivid Vision Resources, we became very close.

Amrimi, to me, is really a dedicated person, a great leader and a real charismatic person. I really admire his courage, way of thinking apart from his great ambition to become a successful entreprenuer. VVR was not his first attempt, however, VVR is one of the significant leap that brought him to where he is now.

Due to an unfavourable situation that occurred later, where I was unable to continue to be part of the team and withdraw myself, Amrimi and Bokhori continue the legacy of VVR and later changed to KEM NUR HIJRAH.


Kem Nur Hijrah which was established after Amrimi and Bokhori managed to find one of the most strategic piece of land near Batu Hampar for a camp site, and through consistent hard work and sacrifices, within two years time, it has been one of the best camp site for outdoor activities and recreational in Yan. Later, Kem nur Hijrah, has succesfully an official camp for Kedah KRS Training Center.

Amrimi has always been a remarkable and amazing person to me, respected by many and loved by his students especially KRS cadets. Through his effort, he also managed to re-unite a large number of ex-KRS cadets who are now being working in variuos field of work all around Malaysia.

That’s all that I’d like to share about this wonderful friend of mine, Amrimi Othman. And finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish him ALL THE BEST!!!

For you my readers, I’d like to invite you to give him a support by promoting Kem Nur Hijrah for any outdoor and recreational activities you are planning to have for your organization.

For more info about Kem Nur Hijrah, you can visit their Facebook page at : https://www.facebook.com/groups/kemnurhijrah/

or contact : 0124749459 (Tuan Amrimi)

This segment of MyBlog is about the story of people who have in a way inspired me. Some of them are really close to me and some are new acquaintance. I am writing about them to show my appreciation and acknowledgement of the friendship and support. It is also as an encouragement of what they are doing.

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