Jan 31, 2014

Ramaikan Follower,Raikan Ukhuwah..

Now, 'blog walking' or is some what like visiting other blogs on the internet especially Malaysian bloggers' blogs, to read the latest entries or posts that they had put on their blogs in order to learn something new or for the sake of having fun reading what they were sharing about themselves, their daily activities or their experience, sometimes their knowledge where they put in form of 'tutorials', is actually very interesting and highly beneficial.

Ilmu Blogspot Blogger Malaysia

A few weeks ago, which also about my first 2 or 3 weeks experience in blogging  (Yup, I’m so d*** new, pardon me), I noticed this blog, or the name of the blog, was almost in the Blog List of all the blogs that I visited as an activity called ‘blog walking’ by bloggers or blog owners (Malaysians) on the internet.

"Pencarian 50 Bloglist Mamaniza.com"

Today is the last day of January. And also The Chinese New Year Holiday... It's also happened that I found a 'segmen' in search of 50 Bloglist by Mamaniza.com on Mialiana.com's, which ended today 31.01.2014 (the time was not stated so I hope it's still open till midnight ehehe). Guess, I must fight for the place :D too.

Pencarian 50 Bloglist Mamaniza.com

So, Mama Niza :D, hope you can still accept me for the contest.. huhuhu

Good luck to me..hoho


Jan 30, 2014

Make Money As A Blogger

Explanation on how blog owners or bloggers can make money through his/her blog.


Manage To Create Scroll For Blog Archive

Alas! Finally I manage to create scroll for my blog ARCHIVE box! What a relief... With the new CSS/HTML coding for blogspot, which I had never got any idea at all on how it works, compared to the old one, when I last learn a little bit about CSS coding in 2008, I tried here and there, using my Dreamweaver, finally I manage to understand a tiny bit of it. Now, I feel a little bit comfortable but there are a lot and a lot more to learn... Sigh!!!

And to my surprise, it was actually not that hard to create scroll for the Archive list (which took me nearly a week to discover hohohho).

Jan 29, 2014

I Have No Relation With Rozita Che Wan, Please…

rozita che wan and zain saidin
Rozita Che Wan
Nope, I don’t have any relation or what so ever with Rozita Che Wan. It’s just a coincident that she also from Kedah and I am from Kedah. I’ve never met her and, definitely she doesn’t know anything about me. 

I could only grin

Wordless Wednesday 4

Portrait  of A Young Man
Photoshop CS Painting (Doodle?)

as a contribution to:
100Pelukis :... Bersama Melakar Seni

Jan 28, 2014

An Extremely Busy Day

Whoa... today is an extremely busy day. Adam had been over slept this morning, so he didn't go to school. He even woke up at 9am. Must had been so tired. So I couldn't concentrate on what I was supposed to do. I was planning to have at least 2 more entries today, but really didn't have much time.

Later this evening, I had to accompany my 'ex-girlfriend' to car-wash. She didn't want to be by herself. Well, it only took around 20 minutes 'jer pon'... kuikuikui...

Jan 27, 2014

A Luxurious Lifestyle of The Sicks

hotel room
Have you spent one or two nights in any of the luxurious hotel’s room during holidays or vacations, let say, that cost you RM1,000.00 per night stay? Ok.. , it’s too much, how about a minimum of RM600.00 per night stay?

Well, I have to admit that I haven't, but staying in a RM300.00 per night hotel room has already given me quite a thrill, you know, with the exclusive, luxurious furniture; sofa, paintings, lighting and cupboard, with amazingly beautiful room decoration, extremely comfortable bed plus the facilities provided like wifi, movie channel and so on.

Jan 26, 2014

How Do You Get Traffic to Your Websites Or Blogs

follow image
Follow... low..low...ehehehe
Just now, as I was walking from blog to blog which I had listed in my Blog list widget, I came to an interesting blog owned by Wan Simple-numbling-Me(SNM) blogspot).

I could say that I would walk into his blog almost every day. This lad updates his blog every day, sometimes up to 2 or 3 entries a day. So when I was on his blog, I would be able to read a few entries, which had been written quite well (santai gitu).

1st Anniversary Giveaway by Janahazana.blogspot.com

Janahazana's GA Contest!
Yeah! Looks like, here comes another Giveaway Contest!!!!

This is Janahazana 1st Anniversary Giveaway! Congratulations Janahazana!!! 365 days is a looooooooooooong way. If converted to hours, we get 8,760 hours... Wow! Ohsem!!! (the malay slanga word for AWESOME huhuhu)..

Well, this GA is somewhat really interesting. Can you guest what is the prize offered?

'Guru Denda Pelajar Menjadi Lembu' - Too Bad

Recently, many are talking on an issue regarding an English teacher, who was reported to punish his student by making the student act like a cow. Well, with such a headline for a report - "Guru Denda Pelajar Menjadi Lembu", it surely is a great attention getter. It makes the teacher look so sadistic, cruel or brutal! hahahha...

Well, I don't really look or investigate deep into this matter, but from some articles or reports that I read online, there is not much details about the incident. It stated that the teacher punishes the student because he fail to do his school work/home work given. And the punishment is like the teacher makes the student wears some kind of a bell hanging on the neck and the student is not allowed to take it off until the school session ends.

In Case, we All Have Forgotten

Is there anybody who still can’t ride a bicycle? Huh… what a stupid question. I’m sure each and everyone of us is able to ride bicycle. Then, can you remember the first time you learn to ride a bicycle? When was it? How old are you at that time?

I learned to ride a bicycle when I was 10 years old, and I was using my grandfather’s bicycle. Yesss!!!  Some of you might probably know which bicycle that I am referring to. Yup, the one with the palang located from under the seat to just slightly below the handle. If you have read Lat’s comic, that is exactly how I learn to ride bicycle. Ehehhe… yeah, yeah… I am that old…

Jan 25, 2014

Things That Make A Man Wants To Cry

 This afternoon, when I logged in to my facebook account, there was one new message unread. So, I straight away clicked the message icon and the Message Board appeared at the bottom of the facebook page. The name was Zainal Bahren, and I don't quite familiar with the name, however had greeted me with Salam, and asking how I am doing.

To answer the message I decided to find out who the person was, since this person had never had any contact since I had my facebook updated in 2008. There were only a few photos on this person's facebook account plus, most of the photos or images are tagged from the facebook feeds. However, there was this picture of a man with his children and I clicked to see the larger view. And yess, I remembered that face.

Feels Great And No Problems Of Course

image from the Pinterest
A few days ago, I received a call from a friend I had not heard from him for quite a long time. The last time we had a chat was about 8 or 9 months ago, if I were not mistaken. He used to be in the same sales team in Prudential.

“Hello sifuuuu!” I heard a loud shout on the other end of line.

“How are you? Have not heard from you for quite a long time!” He continued with a loud cracking laugh.

“Hahahahaha!!! I’m doing great!” I replied, also laughing and in a shouting tone of voice.

Jan 24, 2014

"Segmen Blogger's Birthday by Invisible Me"

Segmen Blogger's Birthday by Invisible Me
One of the good things that I found very interesting about having a 'Bloglist' is, it makes it easier for me to do 'blogwalking', and when we do blogwalking, we will find many other interesting things shared by our friends or other bloggers for example this idea of what they called it 'Segmen Blogger's Birthday". Today, I stumble upon the 'segmen' held by Invisible Me in her Invisible Note blog.

A Discovery in Blogging - My Personal Experience

mia liana
I have never been so excited, extremely or even gravely excited, before, in my life.  Yesterday – Thursday, around 10.30am, Mialiana.com had me featured in one of her entries!!! As soon as I saw my name in the entry, I couldn’t help myself but to smile so wide by myself…

Oh my God!... 

Jan 21, 2014

1st Mini Giveaway by Ainim Rashihah

Buat pertama kalinya, blog ini menganjurkan giveaway sempena menghargai para pengikut dan juga pembaca blog Ainim Rashihah. Sebagai salah satu usaha untuk menghargai sokongan kalian semua, Ainim nak adakan giveaway pertama blog ini.

Che Li - Agency Manager at Prudential (PruBSN Takaful)

 Che Li or Mohd Azli Romali, is one hell of a tough guy I’ve ever had as a friend, really. If I were to go through what he had gone through in life, I am almost certain that I would end up in the Hospital Bahagia, Tanjung Rambutan. Currently holding a post as an Agency Manager or AM at Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad, Alor Setar (PruBSN Takaful), with 5 figures average income per month, driving a metallic black Triton Mitsubishi GL, he has proven that ‘if you can dream, you can do it’.

ChurpChurp… What The Heck is ChurpChurp?

 Yeah, what is ChurpChurp? One of the interesting things that I discover when I get involve in blogging is this ‘thing’ called ChurpChurp. Notice the image of the cute blue bird with big eyes on the image I enclosed here? Well, you would probably be able to relate the name ChurpChurp to the bird, wouldn’t you? Right… it’s the sounds of the bird, isn’t it?

Jan 18, 2014

Who Says Blogging Is Difficult? Huh...

  I started blogging officially on the eve of the new year, this year. So, today this blog is more or less 18 days old (I’ve just finished shaving my blog’s head[er] after the remaining of it’s umbilical cord or tali pusat falls by itself – you know ;p ). When I look back on the first entry of this blog “Blogging”, I remember how skeptical I was on whether I can write or not, or whether I can actually go far in this attempt. Well, ‘close-open, close-open’ or like what they usually say in malay ‘pejam-celik, pejam-celik…’, 18 or 19 days had passed by. This blog survives!!! (with nearly a week quarantined due to ‘jaundice’ – 7 - 12 January, whoahaha..heck).

Hmmm.. not bad – Who says blogging is difficult?

Jan 16, 2014

Bergambar Dengan Aaron Aziz dan Hans Isaac... Uweeekks

Aaron Aziz
 Tengah dok khosek-khosek folder gambar dalam hard-disk, tetiba nampak folder gambar-gambar Raya tahun lepas (2013). Teringat hari raya tahun lepas, klik masuk folder tu nak kenang balik suasana hari raya kat kampung. Belek-belek setiap gambar sambil senyum sorang-sorang tetiba klik satu gambar semasa beraya kat rumah Ayah Su Hj Roslan (Misai Saddam), iaitu gambar bersama ‘Aaron Aziz’ dan ‘Hans Isaac’ –

We Are NOT PERFECT! Just That… Simple!

stop complaining too much and love everone around us
 I am not really sure of the exact statistic or whether someone, somewhere has done any research or not, but roughly from an unintention observation, I can say that more than 50% of the things I hear, I read, I see, on a daily basis is about COMPLAINTS, complaints and complaints. During breakfast at the Nasi Lemak stall, at the mini market, on the facebook, on blogs, at home – every where (including me now… ehehehhe..), there will always about complaints! Wowww…

Jan 15, 2014

A Dream That Never Comes True, Yet...

If You Can Dream, You Can Do It
Walt Disney Dream Quote
When talking about DREAMS, there is a famous quote which is very familiar to many, which is “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do it” by Walt Disney. I used to have a dream, a big dream, ten years ago. However, the dream has not come to reality yet. In fact, it seems like it will take forever to have the dream comes true. Guess what my dream used to be?

Jan 14, 2014

Seruan Agar ‘BERTUDUNG’ atau Hijab Kepada Muslimat

World Hijab Day

Agama Islam sebenarnya memandang tinggi kepada kaum wanita. Allah SWT sememangnya Maha Mengetahui ke atas apa yang diciptaNya. Kerana itu, Allah SWT mensyariatkan supaya wanita Islam mengenakan ‘Hijab’ iaitu menutup aurat mereka dan antaranya adalah rambut atau kepala. 

Ia sebenarnya merupakan penghormatan yang tinggi dan memuliakan seseorang wanita itu sendiri.

Jan 12, 2014

Kempen Sayangi Saudara SeIslam

Daripada Anas r.a sabda Rasulullah SAW yang bermaksud:
Tidak sempurna Iman seseorang kamu sehinggalah dia menyayangi saudara seIslamnya seperti mana dia menyayangi dirinya sendiri.
(riwayat Muslim)


Semua orang Islam, muslimin dan muslimat adalah bersaudara. Ikatan persaudaraan sesama kita (orang-orang Islam) adalah melalui Islam iaitu agama yang benar dari Allah S.W.T. Tuhan yang Maha Agong. Oleh yang demikian, nabi Muhammad saw berpesan kepada kita supaya menyayangi mereka yang Islam yang lain sama seperti menyayangi diri kita sendiri…

Jan 7, 2014

Peraduan Menulis Dan Menghantar Artikel by Detik Ilham (blogspot)

Blog Detik Ilham
Recently, or for the past few days since I decided to start blogging, I had been reading a lot about blogging on the internet. Well, it is to get the ideas of how people actually involve in blogging. One of the most thing being advised by experienced bloggers or experts is to go to other people’s blog that basically similar to your subject of writing, as many as possible. In that way,

Jan 4, 2014

Amrimi Othman at KEM NUR HIJRAH, Yan, Kedah


The first time I met Amrimi Othman was at a ‘Mesyuarat Jurulatih KRS Daerah Kota Setar’ which was held at the PPD Kota Setar, way back in 1998, if I were not mistaken. He was one of the committee members of the secretariat.

 The one major common thing that Amrimi and I had was

Jan 3, 2014

My Saving Plan For Children Education Fund

Photo by: Mr. Adenan Hashim

When we talk about funding our children for their higher institution education, what normally comes in mind is PTPTN or MARA. Is there any other source besides these two?

However, both PTPTN and MARA is in a form of loans. Our children (or might be us, parents, might happen ) will have to pay back the loans after they  have graduated, except for MARA, provided that they really extremely excel in their studies like score 4 flats… huhuhu (should have faith in them).

What I am planning is actually,

My Learn English Note

Item: The pleasure is all mine...
In a conversation, sometimes, the person you are talking to would thank you for something that you have done for him or her and he/she would say, "Thanks a lot for .... (what ever you'd done). It means a lot to me". Normally to be humble, we would say "It's OK..." or "No problem, really..." as a reply, but you can also say "The pleasure is all mine :)" or just "It's a pleasure" or "My pleasure".

p/s : If you'd like to add to my note here, you may write in the comment box below, and please do :). Sometimes, I might be slightly wrong, so, don't be afraid to comment and give suggestions. I'm still in the learning process.

Jan 2, 2014

Tipu Testimonial Untuk Jual Barang Bukan Muamalat Orang Islam

Pernah kawan-kawan atau kawan pada kawan kita ‘post’ iklan jualan barang-barang dalam fb? Berniaga melalui fb memang bagus, dan trend ini sudah semakin popular sekarang. Berniaga secara online sebagai ‘part-time’ sedikit sebanyak boleh membantu untuk mendapat pendapatan tambahan terutamanya zaman nilai duit semakin kecil akhir-akhir ni. Apa yang sedihnya, terdapat sebilangan dari mereka yang menjual barang-barang dalam fb ini yang tidak berniaga dengan betul mengikut kaedah muamalat dalam Islam. Sebagai contoh, menunjukkan testimonial keberkesanan atau kebaikan barangan mereka dengan cara menipu…

Baru-baru ini,
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