Jan 21, 2014

Che Li - Agency Manager at Prudential (PruBSN Takaful)

 Che Li or Mohd Azli Romali, is one hell of a tough guy I’ve ever had as a friend, really. If I were to go through what he had gone through in life, I am almost certain that I would end up in the Hospital Bahagia, Tanjung Rambutan. Currently holding a post as an Agency Manager or AM at Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad, Alor Setar (PruBSN Takaful), with 5 figures average income per month, driving a metallic black Triton Mitsubishi GL, he has proven that ‘if you can dream, you can do it’.

I met Che Li, about 12 years ago, for the first time when he contacted me to become a Shaklee member under my organization “The Shaklee Dynamic Family – Northern region”. Obviously, during the face to face meeting, he had already had a great knowledge of what Shaklee business and products were all about. I also got to know that he had just arrived from Pahang, bringing his family; his wife, a son, his mother and siblings, to settle down in Tobiar, Pendang, his father’s birth place.

We turned out to be quite close, since his mother was actually came from Kelantan, or more known as ‘in the same ship’ or sekapal in the Kelantanese dialect, ehhehee. Every time, I feel like having Kelantan’s style of cooking, I would go to his house and his mother would prepare just about anything that I want to eat…

And, oh yes, he and his family survived at that time from the amount he get for selling the Shaklee products, door to door. He would go and knock on any house in the area of Pendang, and asked to approach anybody who was suffering from any diseases.  Through his hard work and diligent, he climbed the post as Coordinator with an income of RM3,000 plus only in two months time.

However, I didn’t have the chance to grow with him as I left Shaklee right after that.

We didn’t see each other for quite sometimes, when one day in 2004, he turned up in front of my house, asking me to join him as an insurance agent at Prudential, he had just got involved into. Being in a not so good life, I accepted his invitation, even though I had zero knowledge about insurance. At that time, we are promoting the Investment-linked insurance since the Takaful insurance was not introduced yet.

 Since both of us were still new, we struggled like hell just to survive. He sent his wife and his son back to her hometown for a while in Johor, while he was trying to work his way to earn more than RM2,000 per month.  Both of us, stayed in a small house that he rent for about RM150 per month and all that we had were fried rice and ‘Maggie’ for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The only thing that kept him and me going on was our promised to each other that, we will survive the hard life that we were going through and his believe that one day we could become successful like other Prudential agents who were earning up to RM10K per month. Honestly, I was not as strong as him, emotionally and mentally so, again for the second time I quit, leaving him pursuing the dreams alone.

I left for Kemaman, Terengganu in 2006 to stay with my brother, assisting him with his wedding photography business. Both of us were doing well, he finally managed to get promoted to manager and recognized for excellent achievement in sales known as Star Club achiever every year onward.
He also managed to build a successful sales team who had also followed his footsteps. His reputation grew tremendously and well known throughout the nation, recognized by great leaders in Prudential.

Early this year, he finally get promoted as an Agency Manager and joint venture with a large sales team in Malaysia known as TAG, which also led by Tuan Hj Syed Zain.

To me, Che Li is not just a best friend but also like a brother. From him, I learn the meaning of hard work and perseverance, to achieve what you want in life. To Che Li, jazakallahu khairan…

p/s : Should you have a dream to change your life, to venture the sales career in achieving financial freedom, willing to learn from the best – join Che Li’s team of Prudential BSN Takaful agents. Who knows, you too will become successful like him or as he used to say to me “I’ll train my agent to be successful even more than what I achieve”

Che Li’s contact number : 0193325007 or Email: orepehe@yahoo.com


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