Jan 21, 2014

ChurpChurp… What The Heck is ChurpChurp?

 Yeah, what is ChurpChurp? One of the interesting things that I discover when I get involve in blogging is this ‘thing’ called ChurpChurp. Notice the image of the cute blue bird with big eyes on the image I enclosed here? Well, you would probably be able to relate the name ChurpChurp to the bird, wouldn’t you? Right… it’s the sounds of the bird, isn’t it?

churpchurp banner
Banner on blogs
 Actually, I am familiar with the name even before I have my own blog, however, previously, I never really took the effort to find out what it was, or why most of the blogs I visited, have the banner displaying ChurpChurp on the blogs. I thought, since I didn’t have a blog, there was no need for me to know what it was. And, probably you too (if you are not blogging), and those who don’t have a blog also would find that, it is not necessary to know what’s with this Churchurp, don’t you?

Well, let me tell you a little bit or briefly of what ChurpChurp is all about and what is interesting about it.

Ok, let me put it this way. ChurpChurp mainly is about advertising. When a company wants to deliver certain message to the public (or the market), one way of doing it is through advertising. For example, recently Maybank is promoting its Visa credit card. To encourage people to spend using the Visa credit card, Maybank had come out with a campaign offering a chance to win tickets to 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. To deliver this message, or to advertise this, of course, Maybank would take variety of approaches and one of the approaches is through ChurpChurp.

Now,it’s like killing two birds with a stone. When, Maybank held its campaign through ChurpChurp, chances that, those who have the ChurpChurp account whom also big fans of FIFA World Cup would grab this opportunity. And the interesting part is, if they have their own community, they would also be able to spread the message. So the campaign is spread very fast and could be very effective.
As for why those who have the ChurpChurp account, when the spread the message or campaign to their community, they would also earn some money (to advertise the campaign). The more people respond to the message, the more money they get.

Maybank campaign

When a blog owner whom also have the ChurpChurp account, has regular visitors or readers visiting his/her blog every day, and some would probably great fans of FIFA World Cup, get interested with the campaign and participate, the blog owner earns some money! It’s that simple as that.

churpchurp member's area
ChurpChurp Campaign site

Another interesting thing about ChurpChurp is, if you would like to earn some money by getting involved with ChurpChurp, and you don’t have a blog, it is also possible! However, you are required to have at least the Facebook account or Twitter, or Instagram. By the way, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram serve the purpose of spreading messages, aren’t they?

How much can a person earn?

Well, I am not sure myself, since I am also just involved. There are some information that I got from blog owners, claiming that they earn up to RM500 in a period of one month and sometimes more.
The idea is that, if you have a blog, or if you are hooked to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram every day, it might as well you get involve with ChurpChurp. At least, you are not spending your time updating your status on Facebook, or sharing information or photos in Twitters and Instagram for nothing, isn’t it?

Ehhehehe…  So? Get your ChurpChurp account today?

The New ChurpChurp

Wow, #ChurpChurp has got a whole new look! See #TheNewChurp2 for yourself! http://my.sharings.cc/p/6jpjM

New ChurpChurp  site just got better with the all new design! Now you too can get on board by signing up  HERE, because sharing the latest news and earning money has never been easier.

Ho can you get on board too? It only takes three easy steps:

Step 1: Click HERE to learn more & sign up!
Step 2: Requirement: Must have at least 50 friends on Twitter or Facebook.
Step 3: Start reaping their rewards once you begin sharing campaigns!

So go on and begin to discover a whole new world together.

p/s: If any of you who are familiar with ChurpChurp or have been earning some money from ChurpChurp, hope you don’t mind sharing some information. Or may be you can explain briefly  in your own words of what ChurpChurp is... :)


  1. I pun ada churp churp account and so far, it's really worth but need to put effort to earn the money

    1. Great to know that its worth it... but since I'm so new with all these stuffs, spend some time experimenting it lol... but heard some had earn quite a handsome amount :). Btw... thanks for being here Ainim... appreciate it so much.

      ... and nice to get to know you!

      p/s: the contest looks promising! Worth the effort aye...:)


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