Jan 7, 2014

Peraduan Menulis Dan Menghantar Artikel by Detik Ilham (blogspot)

Blog Detik Ilham
Recently, or for the past few days since I decided to start blogging, I had been reading a lot about blogging on the internet. Well, it is to get the ideas of how people actually involve in blogging. One of the most thing being advised by experienced bloggers or experts is to go to other people’s blog that basically similar to your subject of writing, as many as possible. In that way,

you will learn many things about blogging such as the writing style, the subjects itself or they use the term ‘niche’… and many other things you can learn. So, taking the advise, I went around the WORLD OF BLOGGING and found many many things. What a big world.

However, it is not what I would like to share here, but rather on a blog that I have been to, which promotes an interesting contest… “Peraduan Menulis Dan Menghantar Artikel” at http://detikilham.blogspot.com . Well, it’s kind of interesting and it’s also a smart way of promoting the blog itself. This blog is going to be a successful blog, I can feel it. The prizes are also not bad… ; One Portable Hard Disk (1 terabyte space), two 16 GB pendrives, two 8 GB pendrives, two 8 GB SD Memory Card and six mysterious gift as a consolation prize. There is a Canon Inkjet Printer for a The Most Creative, Most Entries and The Best articles to give away also.

Well… I guess, I should get involve in this contest to get more experience in blogging. Oh yes, if any of you also have already involved in blogging, already have your own blog, why not take part in this contest.. should be fun. Find out more of the term and conditions at the website and how to participate.. (Its really easy to participate, really – redundant huhuhu).

Ok.. that’s all for now, and this entry is actually one of the terms to be eligible to take part in the contest.  Have a great day, every one… 

Oh yes.., sine you have already here, do you have any advice on starting to blog, or anything at all? If you do, feel free to share your ideas, opinions or comments and also critique.. in the comment box below.. Really appreciate it and thank you in advance.


  1. Hi, welcome to blogging!

    I'm not that experience either, but so far blogging had been something fun to do. In away it helps us express ourselves, right? And sharing experience, we never know who might learn from our mistake ;)

    Anyway, my blog is Namaz Anail Storybook . Feel free to visit anytime, and we'll keep updated on each other's post :D

    1. Assalam NLK, hi...wassup...

      Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment. It's great to know someone else share the same feelings about blogging! So, nice to meet you... And, your suggestion, is best news I heard today! See you around (on the internet) :)



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