Jan 26, 2014

'Guru Denda Pelajar Menjadi Lembu' - Too Bad

Recently, many are talking on an issue regarding an English teacher, who was reported to punish his student by making the student act like a cow. Well, with such a headline for a report - "Guru Denda Pelajar Menjadi Lembu", it surely is a great attention getter. It makes the teacher look so sadistic, cruel or brutal! hahahha...

Well, I don't really look or investigate deep into this matter, but from some articles or reports that I read online, there is not much details about the incident. It stated that the teacher punishes the student because he fail to do his school work/home work given. And the punishment is like the teacher makes the student wears some kind of a bell hanging on the neck and the student is not allowed to take it off until the school session ends.

Hmmm... featured in Astro Awani? - screencaptured from the "blogger's blog"

Now, this kind of issues have been too common, people blaming teachers for doing something 'strange' to the students as a punishment - make the students do this and that. It's sensational. People like to talk about it. People like to find someone to blame. It's kind of normal already.

However, to me, what makes me so sad about this issue, is when someone dishonor the teacher through his/her writing - when there is no detail explanations or logic reasons to support what has been claimed.

Here is what I found on the internet written by a blogger using sarcastic words full of hatred towards the teacher:

As an ex-teacher, I really, really feel sad with what this person is saying about the teacher.

To me, a teacher, who is spending most of his/her time, or his/her life, among pupils or children,with all kinds of behavior, normally wouldn't have the heart to hurt, to do bad things, to punish students to an a certain extend. I have met students who were so 'kurang-hajar' and even they tried to stopped me on my way back home with the intention to wallop me for confiscating their cigarettes or caught them smoking in the toilets during teaching sessions. (And they all ended up in Balai - a whole 3 tones*)

There must always be some strong reasons for a teacher to strike or take hard action on students (but not too much), like for not doing homework all the time or many times, not listening to the teaching in class, talking, make noises, fighting, shouting, disturbing others and so on. 

I believe, many parents and I mean MANY parents, would strike their children harder than what teachers would do, if their children act the way they act in school as described above - disturbing their little brother or sister, don't listen when they are asked to do something, or shout back at the parents. 

To be fair with what I'm saying here, yess.. of course there are teachers who do something beyond the mind can imagine but, it's a rare case... Do you think more than 50% or 30% of the teachers in Malaysia are bad?


* 3 tones - another word for the police truck or army truck (used in army)

Allahualam bissawab.



  1. ada cara dan hukuman lain yg lebih 'berhemah' cikgu tu boleh gunakan..umpamanya denda buat homework yg tak siap tu,ditulis 100 kali ke...

  2. ehhehe... kalau kat Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid ya... denda 100, 200 dorang buat.. :D

    tq Kak, for coming here today :D

  3. kalaupn denda cikgu tu keterlaluan bende mcm ni x payahlah dijadikn isu sngt. biarlh pihat berkenaan shj settle. dh msuk media2 ni lain pula jadi

    1. ehehhe..betul tu tifa... tapi benda ni memang sensasi... naya cikgu tu...

      *pengajaran: pikir panjang2 sebelum buat apa2*

  4. Kes ni mmg rare and because of that media jadikan ia as hot topic. nak tarik org baca but too bad smp kecoh satu malaysia. i do believe ada pro and cons dalam kes ni.
    apa pun, biarlah ia disiasat dengan adil dan saksama supaya tiada pihak yang teraniaya


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