Jan 26, 2014

In Case, we All Have Forgotten

Is there anybody who still can’t ride a bicycle? Huh… what a stupid question. I’m sure each and everyone of us is able to ride bicycle. Then, can you remember the first time you learn to ride a bicycle? When was it? How old are you at that time?

I learned to ride a bicycle when I was 10 years old, and I was using my grandfather’s bicycle. Yesss!!!  Some of you might probably know which bicycle that I am referring to. Yup, the one with the palang located from under the seat to just slightly below the handle. If you have read Lat’s comic, that is exactly how I learn to ride bicycle. Ehehhe… yeah, yeah… I am that old…

 To be able to ride a bicycle when we were a child is something very exciting. Kids, nowadays, even at the age of 3 or 4 have already had the chance to learn to ride bicycle.

For SALE : XDS AFB 270 Folding Bike. 1 x 7 speed. Colour: Black, Silver & Green. Folds easily 3 simple steps. Suitable for adults. Weight: approx 13kg. Contact Fairuz Majid (012-973 1448) for further information.

Still remember, how it feels when you can get hold of a bicycle when you are a kid? The first time trying to ride, you must have fallen a few times weren’t you?

Sometimes, you manage to get bruises on both, your knees or arms. However, it was only a small matter. You keep on trying and trying, until you finally manage to control the speed and the handle. Huhuhu…

I bet, when you have to go to bed at night, you can’t just wait for the next day to come. May be, you even had a dream of riding the bicycle around the place you are living.

What I am trying to say here is that, ehehhe… nope! It’s not about “if you want something bad enough, you will finally get it”… ehehhehe.



The message here is that, we learn and getting good at something by doing… not just by reading. To be really good in Mathematics, you have to do a lot of exercises. To be really good in drawing, you have to draw lots and lots of pictures or drawings. To be really good in cooking, you have to do a lot of cooking…

And to be good in writing in English, you have to write, and write and keep on writing in English. To be good in speaking English, you have to speak in English, speak to just about anyone you can speak to, even to your 2 weeks old child (if you have one). You can only become good by doing, by practicing, by taking all the opportunities. And you must also be able to dream that you are going to speak to someone when you wake up in the morning.

DO IT… Not just  think about it, or hear about it… DO IT AGAIN and AGAIN… and don’t be scared to make mistakes and get all the bruises.

Do you get it?
Hope so…

So, starts now ok?

Write your comment in the comment box below, and in ENGLISH…please… :D

*bet there will be no comment at all for this entry*

Wallahualam bissawab!

YEAH!!! I DARE YOU!!!...

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  1. tq 4 a motivaional entry. i'm the one who never ever ride a bicycle or any vehcle in my whole life.hehehe

    1. seriously? don't ride bicycle?... ohhh... :D

  2. Oh..I'm not so good in english but will try my best.
    Well, I miss the moment when I first try to ride a bicycle.
    hmm..i'm not sure whether I can still ride a bicycle now..

  3. Great!!! that's just great... :D and ainim, it's easier than having to give a speech in front of a large crowd... ehehehe...

    *buy one lor, can learn what... ehhehe*


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