Mar 31, 2014

Segmen : Review Blog by Apple Mints Part 3

First of all, thanks to Leen for visiting this site and left her blog link,as through her blog that I got introduced to Apple Mints who is running a "Review Blog by Apple Mints (Part 3) Segment" which will last on the 5th of April. This is the first time I join a 'Blog Review' Segment. Hopefully, there will be an opportunity for Apple Mints to have a review on MyBlog | wafacw since no one has yet made any review on this blog... I'd sure would love to hear what others think of this blog so that I'd know the strengths or weaknesses of this blog :D

Well, as usual, if anybody would like to take the chance to get a review by Apple Mints, just click the banner below, and find out more of its terms and conditions :)
Wish me luck... as only 5 lucky ones will be selected by :D


  1. Replies
    1. tu lah... hopefully dapat ... boleh tengok Apple mint punya review blog ni :D

  2. Best of luck Wafa.. In shaa Allah

  3. Salam, singgah blogwalking sini. Maaf lambat. Pemenang akan diumumkan dalam masa terdekat ini. InsyaAllah. Terima kasih sudi join :)

    1. terima kasih singgah sini.. :D
      tak ada masalah.. my pleasure :)


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