Mar 11, 2014

How To Create Facebook Fan Page

Many experienced bloggers said that it is advisable for a blogger to have a Facebook Fan Page. Taking the advice, I took some effort to create my personal blog Facebook Fan Page or I called it My Personal Blog Facebook Page, on my own or by trial and error. So, here I am sharing on how I created my Facebook Page step by step.

Please note that, this tutorial is specifically on creating Facebook Page to promote Personal Blog, not organization or others.

Ok... In order to start creating your facebook page, you must prepare this information first:
  1. the name of your facebook page. In my case, I use my blog URL which is Wafacw ( You might want to use your blog's title... It depends on what do you actually want to promote, your name or your blog. But for this tutorial I am using my other blog which is Wafacw Photography Collections using the blog's URL Wafacwphoto (wafacwphoto.blogspot)
  2. A brief description of your blog. you can see the example in the image that I am showing you.
  3. A photo (an image) which you are going to use for your facebook page profile pic.
Once you are ready with all the information above then you can start, first by log in to your Facebook account.

Now, the next thing that I did was, I went to another blogger's Facebook Page that I have 'liked'. In this case, you can go to my Personal blog Facebook Page to start creating your page :

On the facebook page, you will see a "create page" button.

Click the button to create your facebook page.

You will come to a page like the one showing below:

Click the "Brand or Product" image (button) and you will be asked to choose the 'category' of your page and the 'name' of your page. For the category - choose "website" :

And for the name of your page... write down the name you have chosen/prepared as i mentioned earlier:

Tick the checkbox to indicate that you agree to facebook Pages Terms... (Make sure you take some time to go through the terms first)

Then, click "Get Started".

Ok...  You will come to a page that requires you to follow 4 steps in creating the facebook page :

The first one is 'About' : Here you will write down the brief description of your page as I asked you to prepare earlier. And another one is the URL of your blog.

Then, you have to answer two questions. The answers should be Yes for both questions otherwise you are not authorized to create the facebook page.

Upon completing the tasks in 'About' section, click "Save info".

From here, you will come to the second task, providing the image (uploading from your hard disk, or from any website that you have) for your page's profile pic.

OK... when you have uploaded your image, it will look like the illustration above.

Click 'Next'.

You will come to the 3rd task, which is to 'Add your page to favourite' on your personal facebook account Homepage...:

Just click "Add to favourites".

You will see that your profile pic is added under the 'Events' icon on the left side.

Click "Next".

The last task is to promote your blog using PAID ADS on facebook. You can skip this task first and do it later.

Just click "Skip"

And there you go... Your Blog Facebook Fan Page is ready...

From here,  you can manage your Facebook Fan Page and what you want to do next is invite your friends to LIKE your page..

That's it for now...



  1. this is a great piece of sharing brother...thumbs up...

    1. uikks... biasa jer sis :D..
      ni godek sendiri jer ni... mungkin orang lain punya tutorial hebat lagi... :)

  2. dah bookmark entri ni. blh guna in future. wah... bertambah mengancam header tu

    1. hahahaha... header syiok sendiri jer tifa hahahaaha... berangan... :)

  3. Good tutorial Wafa..senang nak faham..last time kita pun ada problem nak set up..puas jugalah try & error..Finally done..

    1. Sebenarnya saya rasa I was in luck sebab... masa nak pilih mula-mula tu memang hilang punca... organization ker, brand ker, cause ker kan... try my luck dekat Product and Brand tu tengok-tengok ada... :D, cuma ada sikit lagi tambahan... mungkin sehari dua lagi baru buat naik entri tambahan kepada yang ni kut... :D

  4. That is very detail step by step guide on how to create a facebook fanpage! Thanks!

    1. don't really know how to write a tutorial..first time :D

    2. Very good start, keep it on!


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