Mar 24, 2014

Aqilah Azmi' Post : Power Bank & MHP Vouchers RM200 To Win for SPM/STPM 2013 Candidates

intagram contest
NOTE: This is a re-post of Aqilah Azmi's (qila) entry on her blog.

Power Ban & MPH Vouchers RM200 To Win 

 Good news to 2013 SPM/STPM candidates who have just got the results recently!!


If you are interested in this contest... please also view Aqilah's post - CLICK HERE..

And GOOD LUCK to you... :D

Disclaimer :
Now, how is this happening? Actually, I was trying to share qila's entry (Aqilah Azmi) to my facebook account for my students fb friendlist can have this info but I can't find the fb share button... (I think I don't see any... not even on G+, or others like we normally have at the end of our post section...).

Anyone (my bloggers friends) want to comment or suggest on this issue? 


  1. Eh eheheheehe hihihih thank you for sharing this too uncle Wafa!!!!!!! :D :D

  2. Can't get it shared by the facebook share button on top left? BTW, there is typo in the title. Hehe!

  3. dah try copy link and post on fb wall..?

    1. lerrr... ya tak ya jugak... kenapa tak terfikir macam tu...!!! Terlalu fokus kepada butang share lupa pasal kaedah basic tu... hahahaha...


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