Apr 14, 2014

Is It Just Me or Everybody Else Too?

Recently, I joined the Blogwalking Segment by Cikgu Ayu (ayuinsyirah.my) and I noticed that the list had been prepared by cikgu ayu. So, today, I was thinking of trying to look for the bloggers who also joined the segment whom I have not yet met online as well as all the bloggers whom I have already known so far, for a blogwalking activity.

However, when I clicked on the link to cikgu ayu's blog, I got this notification on my Firefox brwoser:

I'm not quite sure what had happened but i was wondering if it is just me who had this problem or just about every body else...

Anybody please clarify on this (confirm about this)?



  1. I just tried. I think the hosting server is down.

  2. saya pun sama...."google chrome could not find ayuinsyirah.my"

  3. Maksudnya untuk link yang ini ke?

    KN baru je try, ok je...

  4. server dotmy tu down lg.dulu abe kie guna domain dotmy ni kejap. bila kuar masalah x leh access blog mcm ni terus tukar balik kpd blogspot yg free tp stabil!

  5. Oh.. sekarang jam 10.55 pagi... bila saya cuba dah OK dah... :D
    mungkin ada masalah pagi tadi jer...

  6. Ok..selamat berblogwalking Wafa...

  7. ooo dah ok la ni...happy bw wafa :)

  8. hm oledi tried it and it works fine for me hehe.
    Mungkin pagi je kot uncle.. :D


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