Apr 4, 2014

Extraordinary Mango Tree In Front Of The House

wafacw mango tree
Honestly, I have been observing this extraordinary mango tree for a few weeks, as it doesn't look like other mango tree I have seen before. May be, it's quite normal to others but to me, it's really amazing. The tree trunk is about the same size as my arm and the branches are smaller in diameter so it does not grow as tall as other mango trees. In fact it's just a little bit taller than me... about 7 feet tall, and i doubt it can grow any taller. The owner has been planting this mango tree for about a year already, and this is actually the first time having the fruit.

This mango tree is just a little bit taller than me

Notice the mango fruits are on the ground... and it's not fully riped yet. Even the branches cannot hold the weight of the fruits.

the mango fruits are lying on the ground

The fruits are not fully riped

Isn't it interesting and amazing? 

If I were the owner of the tree, I would find something to support the branches so that the mango fruits would not lie there on the ground. And in this case here, I dare not interfere with someone else's business.. :( Besides, I rarely see the owner myself... Yeah..., haven't seen them for quite a long time...

By the way, any of you readers know what type of mango fruit is this?



  1. entah.. x pandai sangat kenal species2 manggo ni.. tahu makan je.. :)

  2. not sure la wafa...but its quite interesting n not like a normal mango tree...

  3. Sayangnye kena biarkn mcm tu.. Tengok bentuk buah mcm mangga air, kat Kg. Nurul panggil camtu.

  4. very intresting. Saya pn x tahu sngt jenis2 pokok mangga. Tp best kn nk petik buah jadi senang je.

  5. Let me guess, is it called dwarf? Haha!


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