Apr 19, 2014

Aishah Birthday Treat

14th of April, the other day, it was Aishah's birthday date. She was born in the Golden Dragon year.. hahaha... the year 2000. However, we had decided that this year we just celebrate the birthday in the family only since last year we had already had a huge birthday party. So tonight, all of us went to a restaurant belonged to my MIL's friend - Titi Gajah Restaurant, near the Kepala Batas, Alor Setar airport or to be exact, just in front of the new Tabung Haji Hotel. It was private and we really had fun enjoying our meals.

It's just not complete since her elder brother was not around with us tonight... Ahmad Ghazali Wafa, who's in Kota Putra right now...

And as usual, I would be very busy taking photographs for the event. :D

Aishah Humaira' Wafa - the birthday girl... very shy girl

the Titi Gajah Restaurant... very clean, neat and relaxing...

Ummi... :D (MBTW) huhuhu...
Ahmad Adam Wafa... MyBlog | Wafacw's anchor man... choosing his own meal...
Ahmad Sulaiman Wafa... MyBlog | Wafacw second man... hmmm showing peace sign?
Ahmad Yusuf Wafa... the BIG BROTHER in the family right now... :D

The Food

Adam and Sulaiman's choice... Ice Cream Tapai... huhuhu
Abah's choice... Nasi Goreng Pekasam... the Orang Kampung's taste... :)

Ummi's choice... western food - The Steak...
Ahmad Yusuf's choice... nasi Goreng Cina... following abah's taste...
Annur Tasnim Wafa and Aishah's choice... also western food, nuggets, fries and ice cream

bon apetit...
photography note:
all photos are taken with the ISO 5000 - no flash.
time : 8.30pm to 9.30pm
lens range 18mm to 55mm
photo enhancement : Adobe Photoshop CS3



  1. We hv d same name & zodiack also! Bhehe

    1. Aisyah!!... ehehe... same zodiack too? are you a shy person? hahahahahaaha... :)
      btw... congrats for winning the segmen blogger blogspot baru 2014 Hasrul Hassan...!!! u r really lucky... :D

    2. Thanx.. Shy person? Sometimes la..bhehe

  2. bestnya celebrate bday & makan2..

    kirim salam kat family semua ye :))

  3. selamat hari lahir aisyah..semoga pjg umur

  4. Happy birthday Aisyah..

    pstt..steak tu melting...

  5. Selamat ulangtahun Aishah Humaira' .. in sha Allah menjadi anak yang baik dan membahagiakan ibuayah dan keluarga.. Aamiin.

  6. Happy belated birthday to Aisyah!

  7. happy belated birthday to Aisyah...wish her all the best..

    1st time i heard...nasi goreng pekasam... :)..fried with ikan pekasam is it?

  8. Happy birthday untuk Aisyah dan tahniah untuk ayah ibunya yang mengadakan majlis sambutan

  9. hepi birthday aishah. my hubby's ank buah also name by aishah@siti aishah also born this month 17th

  10. Happy belated birthday to aisyah... aiyya! sama taun la kita... Tahun naga... memang pemalu sangat! hehe


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