Feb 13, 2014

RM1 Million Needed For Adzriefaiz's Baby Surgery

adzriefaiz baby need RM1 million for surgery
RM1 Million Needed For Adzriefaiz's Baby Surgery : Just now, I noticed a post on a friend's facebook expressing his simpathy towards Adzriefaiz's first baby who urgently required to undergo a surgery which cost RM1 million. The baby is now being treated at a medical center in Singapore for a chronic liver condition.

 Adi Reza facebook post screenshot

Adzriefaiz is also known as the host for 'Santai Makan Angin' program and the baby is his first baby.

According to my friend, the news was broadcasted by Al-hijrah TV channel around 11.00 pm (12/2/2014).

Adzriefaiz baby daughter urgent need RM1 million

Should anybody would like to donate a few RM which hopefully speed up the collection of RM1 million needed by the baby, which also hopefully will be able to get the operation done ASAP..., Adzriefaiz's account number is stated in the image below:

p/s: If can donate RM5 or RM10 x 100K Malaysians, there would be RM500,000 OR RM1,000,000 collected!


MAYBANK ACC : 562227327760

More info in youtube footage by Nas Ahmad :

Please share this information to help THIS BABY...


  1. jom kita sama2 membantu...harap2 boleh ringankan beban ibubapa baby ni...

    1. right... if RM2 or RM5 would be OK... hopefully others are willing to help too :)

  2. lets donate...help our fellow muslim

    1. yes... just log in to maybank2u account and transfer at least RM1 or RM2, or perhaps RM5 :). Plus 'niat sedekah' to Mr Adzriefaiz... lillahitaala..

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah... can't imagine how they felt for what's happening...

  4. any idea how can i contact him?


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