Feb 15, 2014

Alexa Traffic Ranking And Blogging

I believe, many blog owners, if not all, most of them, would have heard of Alexa Traffic Ranking. About two months ago, when I decided to have a blog for the first time, I didn’t have a single clue of what Alexa was. I couldn’t say that I had not heard of it, since I have been involved with internet since 1997.

I never really took the effort to understand or to find out more about Alexa since it has nothing to do with my activity on the internet – read emails and read tutorials, information on my field of interest. However, for the past few weeks, after getting serious with this blogging thing, I heard a lot about Alexa ranking been mentioned by many bloggers, so I took an effort to learn what Alexa ranking is :D

What is Alexa traffic Ranking?

Now, what I understand from my readings, Alexa is a company that provides some sort of a way in measuring traffic to a website; how many visitors visit your site, how many page views your website gets and so on. So, in a way, there is a ranking of traffic based on the measuring done through Alexa. Actually Alexa is one of the facilities found on the internet. Other than Alexa, Google also provides the facility too and there are many others. However, Alexa, in a way, is one that being used by most advertisers or companies who are looking for ‘traffic ranking’ to some other companies websites for whatever reasons they have.

So, is it important for bloggers to also get involved in this Alexa traffic ranking race?

Well, as I said, I’m new in this blogging world and there are whole lots of things to learn, I can’t really say if Alexa is important or not. But, if everybody else is measuring their traffic using Alexa, I guess, it is quite important to follow the others, if traffic is actually that important to you as a blogger. It’s like when everybody is using metric form of measuring weight or distance but you ‘alone’, are still using the old form of measuring unit, wouldn’t it be awkward? 

So in this case, I also feel that, if you don’t mind playing games by your own rules, then, Alexa thing is not really a problem. Why would you think of it so much and criticize other bloggers who use and highlight the Alexa ranking of their blogs like it is the most important thing in the world, right?

Getting High Rank in Alexa

So, if I were to follow the others who are racing to get high rank in Alexa, I must understand if not a lot but some of the things that are related to increasing the traffic according to Alexa measurement. And I believe, that there are so many… and I mean so many things that I have to learn, and I’m sure it takes time too. 

It’s like a business, when you started a business, for the first two years, you couldn’t expect to have a large number of consumers from the whole country. Other business like yours, may have been in the business for more than 5 years or even more, and surely they are one hell of a competition to you. And like them, you also need time to grow and become successful, unless, you know a few or I should say SOME tricks here and there from the old timers (OTAI) themselves. It might help you speed up your growth a little bit faster than the amount of time it should take.

Honestly, if you really want to get high rank in Alexa, it’s not that hard but it takes time. You just do what IT NEEDS TO BE DONE. For a straight forward example, you just have to have good content which people actually like the content and would probably look forward to read more from you.  
And so far, this is what I am struggling with for the time being, and no doubt, it’s because, I didn’t really have the slightest idea about blogging when I first created my blog. That’s why an experience blogger sometimes has up to 100 blogs. It’s some kind of a way to experiment things so that it meets the purpose of blogging.

Apart from that, you must EXPOSE your blog to the world… I mean, to as many people as you can. How? It’s for you to figure out how and what methods suit you the best. But for the time being, all that I can do is do a lot of BLOG WALKING or even strolling if you I have to until sometimes, it’s nearly like BLOG RUNNING… ehhehhe..

Or, one that is quite easy to do is to join whatever GA segment available. I’m not doing this too much because, I don’t quite fancy the idea of having many new friends but at the end, the not so new friends are neglected. So, I just do it slow and steady. 

The whole idea is to have a GOOD RELATIONSHIP with other bloggers on the net. Good relationship create TRUST and LOYALTY. Isn’t it important to have a few who are really good to you, rather than a whole bunch of people until you can’t create a strong relationship and at the end, you are forgotten.

Well, I guess, that’s enough with my IDEAS or what I understand by Alexa ranking and how important it is in blogging activity. Please note that what I’ve written here is based on my short experience in blogging so it might not be true or exactly like what the real thing is all about.

If you are an experience blogger and found what I’ve written here is not that RIGHT… I would very much appreciate if you could express your ideas in my comment box below for the sake of other people who are reading this entry :D

And if you are like me, still new, and have your own ideas regarding this topic, please share with me and others here, will you? 

Hope, your ideas and opinion would help more people including me myself and just about anybody at all.

To find out your Alexa Traffic Ranking, you can access Alexa website HERE.


  1. Agree with what you mentioned, "The whole idea is to have a GOOD RELATIONSHIP with other bloggers on the net. Good relationship create TRUST and LOYALTY." Very true.

    1. Oh thanks Smartan Dad :D
      At least i know that i don't actually write 'rubbish'... ahahaha... (even though, it sounds almost like rubbish)

    2. Wafa, you're sharing good tips! It is helpful for beginners like me.

  2. thanks wafa... indeed it's true. not easy to achieve a very high ranking in alexa and it really hard to maintain every day. you have to maintain every single aspects of blogging ie update blog, blogwalking, join segments, comment other blogs, reply comments in your blog, interact with your own readers, have good relationship with other bloggers, be humble, do not greedy, cheer up your blog and always your readers love you and make them cone back to you. Sorry wafa... so many things to say here.

    If there is other blogger who criticize high ranking blogs. Please be one of us, and will know exactly how we face and struggle to maintain the ranking. A very long journey to achieve it. Believe me.. there is no shortcut before you succeed.

    1. sorry typo..

      *always make your readers love you and make them come back to you again and again...

    2. Hahahah... now you are talking :D. Thanks Mia for the response. it surely help me and other readers here :D...

    3. uikkk... will explain further in my next blog post. now in progress...

    4. don't quite understand what 'uikkk...' means... but it sounds great! Hahahahaahahha... Can't wait for your next blog post explaining further about this :D

    5. Thanks Mia for sharing, "no shortcut before you succeed", I'll keep this in mind.

  3. what an explanation with a simple words that easily can understand. thanks wafa

    1. Oh Great! I take it as a compliment :D heheheh...


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