Apr 11, 2020

Simple Photo Editing In Your Mobile Phone

Photo Editing In Mobile Phones

Simple Photo Editing

Enhance the photos you captured with your mobiles using the Photo Editing Apps, would make the photos look much more appealing, especially to have them in your blog posting or your media social posting. Sometimes, when you capture photos using your mobile, they turn out to be rather plain; due to certain factors such as the lighting from the surroundings and others, in fact the colour would change a little bit.

Therefore, what you can do is to give a little touch to the photos using the Photo Editing Apps that comes with your mobile camera. You just need to do a simple photo enhancing as follows.

A Simple and Basic Photo Enhancing To Make a Difference

You can change a plain, flat looks of your photo just by adjusting some simple basic photo enhancing and they are:
1. Brightness
2. Contrast
3. Sharpening
4. Cropping

These four elements of photo enhancing are just fine enough. Look at the difference, before and after giving a touch to your photo:

before and after editing

Step By Step Basic Photo Editing In Your Mobile

Step 1 :  Go to the camera, select 'Photo' – compose your object to your satisfaction, touch the object on the screen to focus and click the capture button.

Step 2 :  Go to the image/photo captured and touch the screen to get into the photo editing mode.

Step 3 :  On the image/photo click EDIT

In the EDIT area, you would find a few choices of photo editing choice of your preferences:

There are : Mosaic – Graffiti – Watermark – Label – Rotate – Crop – Filter – Adjust – Beauty

For this purpose, we are going to focus on simple photo enhancing with ‘Adjust’ setting. I am not going to touch on other photo editing settings.

Step 4 :  Select ADJUST setting

In the ADJUST area, you would find a few more settings that you might choose. These settings are depend on your camera phone Apps – some might have more than what is shown here. The most important thing is you should be able to get the idea of where and what to look for in touching up your image.

Step 5 :  For a basic touch up of your image, you might want to adjust THREE basic settings; Brightness, Contrast and Sharpen elements.


The amount of touching up is up to you, which depends on the image captured. Play around with the amount of brightness, contrast, and sharpness you want to have, which you might feel that it is looking good in your eyes. You can always see the comparison from the image you have adjusted with the non-adjusted image by pressing the COMPARE button.

Warning : Should you feel that you have overdone the adjustment, DO cancel the whole process by clicking the X mark!

Step 6 :  After you have satisfied with the outcome, click the TICK button on the top right of your screen (depends on your Apps or Phone).


You will get back to your EDIT area.

Step 7 :  The final editing process is to CROP the image. This is however, depends on whether you need to crop it or not. If you feel that you need to crop the image to correct the composition of the image… then do it. If not… there is only one last thing to do. Go to Step 9.

To crop your image, click on the CROP button:

You will arrive to the CROP are. Crop the image as you like. Note : DO NOT adjust the scale of the image – Keep the image scaling to “NONE”.

Step 8 :  After choosing the best cropping area for your image – click the TICK button

Step 9 :  Save your edited image by Clicking the SAVE icon.


In A Nutshell :  Adjusting Brightness, Contrast And Sharpness Of Your Images

These three elements of image touch up are the most basic process that you should want to do to enhance your images in order to use it as a final product. Just remember that you should not adjust the brightness too much where you would lose the details of certain objects in your image. Once you increase the brightness, you would lose a certain degree of colour of the image, therefore, you would have to correct the Contrast to at least restore or enhance the colour.

By doing the contrast adjustment, you would find your image stands out a little bit more.

Finally, sharpen your image a little bit. DO NOT sharpen your image too much or it would break the pixels of the image and you would find the image too crispy.

Please note that the process above is done via my “not that advanced” HUAWEI mobile phone – the process or outcome might be different depending on what mobile you are using or how advance the Photo Editing Apps on your mobile.

Do give it a try and see the difference. Don’t be afraid to try. Should you feel fine of not doing some basic adjustments to your image, there is nothing to lose anyway. However do let me know of the outcomes by having your opinion in the comment section below.

Feel free to share your knowledge as well.

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