Apr 26, 2020

A Hectic Second Day Of Puasa During CMO

Yesterday was the most hectic day out of all the days during the CMO's, and it was on the second day of Puasa in Ramadhan. A day before, my wife asked me if  we could have some meat for the break-fasting... she wanted to prepare a "Daging Goreng Kunyit" (if I were not mistaken). And as usual I would say OK for her request - No big deal. It was only about 4 or 5 kilometres away from my home.

However, as I was ready to go out, in the morning, which was about 8.00 a.m., she gave me a list of what to get...

"Whatttt??!!!" I looked at a long list of items to buy. And she asked me to withdraw some money from the bank.

"OMG!..." The list was not as long as what I used to get, it was only on a page of an exercise book. But, the places that I have to go... they were on the far end of each places... I realized that I had to go through 3 road-blocks at least. Even though, it's not a big deal, but just hated to stop at the roadblocks and explain where I was from and where would I want to go to the policemen.

Sigh! Arghhh... huhuh...

Well, it was a responsibility, how would I say no to her request!

Ok, the first place was to get the meat at a meat stall in Hutan Kampung. Alright, it was not a problem... within a few minutes I was at the meat stall. There were not many people that morning - so it was an easy task. Besides, I was still fresh. Put on my mask, headed towards the stall and asked for a kilo of meat, a kilo of Tulang, and half a kilo of Kelempung... Settled!

Pak Nasir Meat Stall... Hutan Kampung, before the Hutan Kampung's mosque

Ok... I get into the car, looked through the list to plan my journey... So, next stop was not far from the meat stall - the Bazaar selling the veggies! Just less than a kilometre ahead. This time, I didn't have to shop a load of veggies... only some. What a relief.

At the bazaar, Alhamdulillah.., there were also not many people. Great! So it took only a few minutes to settle some of the items on the list. But, there are a few things, I couldn't get from the grocery store next to the bazaar, so I still needed to stop at a grocery store.

bazaar at hutan kampung! with a grocery shop next to it..

The next thing I had to do was to send a laptop ordered from Shopee by my sister in law but she had mistakenly put the delivery address - which was our address for delivery. So, we received the parcel, and then, I had to delivered it to her at Taman PKNK. Well, I had to go to Taman PKNK from Hutan Kampung!!.. Great!... It was nearly 6 or 7 kilometres drive.

Ok... so in that case, I thought it was smart if I would get some items from any grocery stores at Taman PKNK. Fine! Alright! Easy,,,,

From Hutan Kampung, I took the country side road or we called it "batas ban" haha.. It was a short cut, and I didn't have to go through a roadblock. But of course, I had to make my way through a few housing area, before I reached Taman PKNK! Smart! I did enjoy the view of the paddy field as well especially during the bright and fine morning...

paddy field with Gunung Keriang at the horizontal line ahaead...
'batas ban' hahaha

Before this, I would enjoy having some drinks while driving, have a handful of sandwhiches I bought at the petrol kiosk - but today! It's puasa.... Hmmm... Fine...

By the time I reached my sister in law's, it was 9.17 am. Next task... completed!

My sister in law's parcel.. 
I was lucky because I hadn't stopped at any grocery stall. My sister in law asked if I had some chillies from the bazaar, should I had it in my list, which unluckily, I didn't. She told me that they had run out of chillies already. Ok.. Well, I thought it would be very noble for me to go and get it for her.

So, I went to a grocery store in Taman PKNK and bought her some chillies and sent it back to her house. I just left the chillies on her front gate...

The next task would be to get some chickens from one of the trusted chicken vendors in Alor Setar, Ad Ayam or En Saad Othman's Ayam... It was at Taman Burhan, Jalan Langgar. I decided to take another short cut which was through the Al-Bukhary Islamic University area.

the junction to Taman Burhan at Jalan Langgar, in front of Al-Bukhary Mosque...
at the gate
the workers were processing the chicken

Somehow, unlike the other day where I just went there and took the processed chicken, paid at the counter and went back, I had to wait for the workers to process the chickens. They seemed to forget that we had placed the order a day before.

The time is 9.58 am.

About after nearly 15 minutes, They handed me the chickens.

Ad Chicken is actually the chicken vendor which is trusted to process the chicken for Maahad Tahfiz Sulaiman, Alor Setar. They don't sink the chickens in the hot water to strip the feathers - instead they take the skin of the chickens off or we call it 'selinap' the skin. The Maahad Tahfiz is very particular of the way the chickens they gave to their students - they must really be prepared properly according to syariah... and there is no room for shubahah...

Now, from there, the next task would be to go the bank to withdraw some money. It was on the other end of the road - at Kompleks Perniagaan Utama, Jalan Sultanah Sambungan - another 5 or 6 kilometres away!

at the ATM

It was about 10.15 am when I reached Bank Islam. It took a few minutes to withdraw some money needed since there were not many people at the ATM kiosk. That was the last task. I was on my way home. I was already quite tired but I was glad that I had finished all the tasks.

On the way back, there was a roadblock.

To avoid the roadblock, again I took a route which only the locals knew where it was. I used to use the route once way back in 2002 - haha. I was glad that I took the Iris. Should I had taken my Exora, there would be no way I could go through that route.

the Lorong Tikus... under the highway bridge

luckily I was with Iris

It was about 10.40 am and I was on my way home!!!

completed the task
Hmmm... what a hectic day!

Items bought



  1. wow, you've had a busy day. Luckily everything went smoothly.

    1. haaa time kalau keluar memang jadi bersimpang siur, sebab tempat kena pergi tu sana sini...tak setempat

  2. wahhh ada bazaar lg. i miss going to bazaar ramadan.

    1. it's not bazaar ramadhan... it is bazaar yg jual sayur-sayuran huhu

    2. oh ye tak ye jugak. it's called bazaar jugak. haven't been to one since duduk area kl ni.


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