Apr 10, 2020

Adobe Photoshop CS6 For Blog's Photo Editing

screenshot of Adobe Photoshop Photo Editor

Adobe Photoshop CS6 - Photo Editor

Not having a perfect photo captures to go with my blogs' entries is somehow really discouraging but luckily I still have my Adobe Photoshop CS6 running on my laptop. Adobe Photoshop CS6 or normally called as PS or PS CS6, or just CS6 helps, if not a lot, still acceptable in enhancing my photos captured for my blogs, with my out of date HUAWEI phone I am using. Yeah... my Nikon 5100 DSLR gave up on me about three years ago.

An entry of a blog that comes with one or two, or more, very well captured photos is far better than an entry without one. Imagine reading a descriptions of something just in a plain text without any images - the most probably that you will leave the page is in a blink of an eye. So, I would say that photos are important in a blog's entry or posting... However, having a dull photo or not that "beautiful" photo with even a good writing or posting would also send the readers away.

How Do I Overcome The Problem

Well, without my Nikon DSLR, I really have to put a lot of effort, extra effort, more than those who use a DSLR or a rather expensive phone like VIVO for an example or iPhone... I need to correct my photos using my Photoshop or PS. Of course, it won't give, up to the standard image but to me it's rather OK, or "fine...".

Here is an example of an image that I get using my phone and after giving a touch here and there; a little crop, adjusting brightness and contrast plus sharpened...

before and after photo editing with Adobe Photoshop
Photo editing for wafa cw - My Herbs Mini Garden blog

Edit Your Blog Entry's Photos

I remember one of my Photography Gurus - a well known wedding photographer - used to tell me that a good photo captured based on all aspects of skills and photography knowledge is still 50% of the actual photo product... you must have your photo edited before you really sell it!

If you are not fond of using Photoshop, you may also use any of the photo editing Apps on your phone or any photo editing software you can get hold of if using a desktop.

Give your photo a little touch - and you will see a different.


  1. x reti sgt nak edit photo. cuma tahu nak psg filter je. hehehe

    1. hahaha... nak guna Photoshop memang payah sikit, tapi kalau amik gambar guna mobilephone memang dah ada Apps edit gambar user friendly... comey lotte jugak kalu kena gaya ngan phone... dok pasang filter gapo Abam Kie?


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