Feb 6, 2014

Video Footage Of An Addict Being Walloped For Breaking A Car

screen shot of a video footage
Reading IanFaizal's post in his blog, regarding a man being walloped for breaking a car aroused my interest to find out more of the incident. Searching for the video in Google Search, I found this video footage that he might have had been referring to. However, it's not about the man who was caught for trying to steal from a car that attracted my attention the most, but rather IanFaizal's opinion regarding the crime that seems to be out of control.

The crime is yet nothing compared to the brutal act of raping and killing children that we have heard over the news recently, but to think about it, it's like the surrounding has not been so safe anymore.

screen shot of a video footage of 'kena pukul sebab pecah kereta di Aeon'

For the past few months, my wife has not allowed our children to play outside the fence anymore. Sometimes, it makes me feel quite sad to see my 3 and 5 years old sons riding their bicycles along the narrow corridor of our house. It's not like when I was a child, that I can play freely, cycling as far as I could joyfully and without limits.

However, for the sake of their safety, sacrificing their joyful moment of playing all their heart out, is the best way to do even though how much you want to see them enjoying their childhood moment.

It's really sad to face the fact that the environment has changed. It makes me wonder sometimes, if this is what we have to pay for modernization. What will it be in the future, 20 years to come and further after we have long gone from this world. How would be the life of the society, the kids?

Is there any way to regain the environment we used to live in 20 or 30 years ago?


  1. Sayu pula rasa lepas membaca entry ni.. mmg banyak perkara berharga dikorbankan dan terkorban demi yang dinamakan 'kemodenan'.. mungkin sesuatu dapat/perlu dilakukan/dikuatkuasakan untuk memelihara/memulihara apa yang tersisa... oleh mereka yang berkenaan dgn sokongan kita semua.

  2. Replies
    1. so sad isn't it when thinking of our future gen


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