Dec 30, 2013


So, finally, I decided to start blogging!

Right now, in my mind, I don't really have a specific idea on what to blog about and I guess thats why I have my blog title as "MyBlog"  :)

And actually,
I do have a lot of things to write about, or in this case, there are TOO MANY things that I want to write about. For an instance, I just came back from a holiday trip with my family. We went to Bukit Merah Laketown for a couple of days. It was quite an awesome experience. Many things happened and I took more than 700 photos during the vacation. All of the photos are still in the SD card.

Well, before we went for the vacation, I browsed the internet for certain information regarding Bukit Merah Laketown, places to stay - apart from the Bukit Merah Resort itself, other activities that we might include in our holiday such as visiting the Night Safari in Taiping Zoo and other stuff. In the process, it brought me to a few websites that provide information that I want, and not to mention some blogs which have the posts on their experiences in Bukit Merah. I found that, it was quite interesting to share the experience on a blog.

So, I guess, I should start having a blog and from here, I'll just see what it finally turn into...

Guess, I end this first post by wishing myself a GOOD LUCK wish. LOL...

And, should you have accidentally landed on my blog and on this post, and should you have anything to comment, express your opinion or feel like sharing something regarding my thought of starting a blog, I'd really appreciate if you could write a few words in the comment section of this post. Thanks a lot.


  1. Err....are you somehow related to rozita Che wan aka Che' ta??

    1. opss... great question!!! lol... however, unfortunately not, or rather...thank god, I'm not... thanks for dropping by btw.. really appreciate it...

  2. Proud to have a friend called blogger! Keep it up.

  3. It's nothing... but thanks for dropping by... tqvm Aida...

  4. HAHAHA.. welcome to blogger dude! well I am new blogger too for nearly 6-7 months senior... still hv long journey to go and much more things to learn right? Enjoy your blogwalking~


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