May 15, 2020

Dare To Dream Again - See You At The Top


For the past few days, actually it had been weeks already, I had been playing with the appearance of my blog. Well, that is actually the product of blogwalking for an out-of-dated blogger like me. The further I walk, the more I felt left out by the technology - knowledge - information etc. How I really envy the youngsters, in this new world. 

I am saying 'the new world' because these youngsters I met on the net, blogging confidently..., are those whom I am sure, have never really touched a typewriter, or seen a cyclostyle in their lives before.

Being around here and there in this blog, suddenly I came to an early post or entry of this blog way back in 2014, 15th January. The title - A Dream That Never Comes True, Yet... I just couldn't help myself, I started reading word by word from the beginning to the end of the post, staring at the pictures on the page... and suddenly I felt goosebumps on my neck. My heart also started to beat faster until I could here the beat in my ears. 

I wonder, how did I come out with the title... Why is there the word 'Yet...' at the end of the title... ? 

It is, as if even though I surrendered my dream... at that time... I still had a hope... 

It really touches me right now. I don't know if I should have a hope... I don't know if I should have another dream or actually dream again...  Why did I leave the quote from Walt Disney on that post if I really had given up on that dream!!...  "If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It"... Yes... I know it. I know it all the time but I never want to think about it.  Now... how I realized, I have shattered the dreams of those, others due to my ignorance (You know who you are, if you read this...). And I am so sorry...

To those whom you know who you are... I tell you what, I'm gonna reach out... so hold my hands now, and I will take you there... Lets See You At The Top... each and everyone of you! I will make it up to you... anyhow... 


  1. Wak sekerol aje
    sebab tak gheti omputih

    1. Subhanallah ... jazakallah wak selalu singgah sini...

  2. Assalamualaikum... Allah's plan is the best for us.

    1. Waalaikum salam wbk... that's just true... tq for reminding this :)

  3. Yakin pada diri sendiri.. ☺️

  4. Salam kenal.. mama follow sini

  5. Salam wafa.. KN pun singgah lagi..walaupun omputih tak bape gheti tapi nak singgah jgk, nak jengok kwn2 n blog walking..

    KN nak bgtau,Zakie Purvit cuma hilang diblog tapi aktif di instagram..

    Baru ni KN jumpa dia kembali.
    Wafa kalu sudi, boleh add n follow FB KN.. Nora Dee .. IG KN, bunda_nora..

    See you there..😆

    1. tq KN... owh dia ada di IG... sy x brapa aktif IG..x apa kena follow jugak


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