Mar 13, 2014

How To Make Your Daily Life Cheerful From Morning To Night


How To Make Your Daily Life Cheerful From Morning To Night

Almost everyone... in the world wants to live a happy life, be cheerful everyday, having fun, no worries, everything turns to be OK... if possible from right after you open your eyes in the morning until, you shut your eyes, dozing off into the most wonderful dream at the end of the day... Err... anybody wouldn't want to?.. 

be happy : wafacw
Stay cheerful everyday of your life

Now, to me, to live a happy life, I make sure that I will stay cheerful all the time. That's why, some of my close friends used to ask me..."Don't you have any problems in your life?"... and I would, like ... "Huh?!!"... and we would laugh over that question... Bha ha ha.. 23X*

*refer footnotes at the end of this writing :D

Well, problems? No one escapes from problems... sadness, anger, annoyed and all the words that describe the opposite of being happy... But, this is what I'd like to share with you...

I don't know if you have heard of the word REACTION..

Ok... how we felt over certain things that happened to us... for example... being scolded by the boss in front of our friends.. or strangers or in front of a committee members in a meeting and so on and so forth, would of course make us feel embarrassed (if not angry). This is normal.

The thing is that, what would be our REACTION?... Would we stand up and scold him back, scream at him... stay in silence or just give a grin? One of my friend, last time, took his file and threw at our boss, showed his middle finger... and walked out from the meeting just like that...whoahahahaha... still remember that incident...

Do you get it? Now, the reaction is important. The reaction that either makes you miserable, stress or stay calm and serene... :D.

The reaction determines your mood from that moment of the day...

Ok... What would I do, if I face that kind of situation, or incidents (whatever)...?

Read carefully, I would look down, close my ayes a little bit, hold my breath for a while and count backwards starts with 20 to 1, slowly. I focus on the counting... (Try to count from 20 to 1 slowly). After that I said to myself... It's OK... I'm OK... No problem... and smile in my heart. Smile as big as I can... I see myself smiling so wide and so big... :D

Well, so far... it works amazingly... I am in control of myself and the situation. If necessary, later on, you can go and have wudhu' and pray if there's a convenient place nearby :D.

By doing this.. you are not affected by the problems.. situations. And you can start thinking straight.

Now... recently... I found a new way of making my day cheerful all day long! . If you have a smartphone, it's really handy. Want to know how?

Do you want to make your daily life cheerful every day?

But before that... bear in mind, that this is just my finding. It's not based on any scientific research or what so ever... and I must state here that, I will not be responsible for the outcomes from using this method! Use this method at your own risk! Don't say that I don't warn you...

Ok.. the secret is.. or the method is to follow the steps below one by one:

1. Go to a website that I have chosen for this method to work. (Look for the link at the end of this writing)

2. Bookmark the website. If you are using PC, or Laptop, just click Ctrl+D (other than Mac Os window) when you are on the website.

3. Just look at the photo displayed on the website.

4. That's all...

You have to see if it's work for you. If not... then, this method might not for you.

My advice : go to the website every morning, after luch (afternoon break) and before go to sleep. Or every time, you are emotionally disturbed.

Well. I would love to hear the feedback whether my method is working for you or not. Please make sure to come back to this posting, and leave your comment. I might create a statistic out of all the feedbacks and if it's proven effective to make your daily life cheerful and happy, I am thinking to take this method for a serious consideration.


Click HERE to go to the website.


Footnote :
A way of showing that you are laughing all your heart out inspired by Broframestone.

About the photo :
My eldest son with his uncle on Hari Raya 2013

DISCLAIMER: This post is NOT meant to insult anybody. If you find this post inappropriate, please let me know by writing to me using the Contact Me form.

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  1. these pics really cheerful and shows that you are a happening daddy and open minded daddy brother...

  2. Kadang Nurul ade gak gi blog uncle gedik tu.. sempoi! ahaha
    Kalau kita ikutkan rasa hati, maka semakin terkulai la hati tu.. urmm..turutkan jugalah kulai tu kejap.. kejapp jek.. pastuh senyum.. ketawa semula.. walaupun awalnya cuma samaran tapi akhirnya mmg akan berjaya mengatasi.. ehehehe.. *jgn segan2 mencuba cara ini.. :D

    1. gedik? or gedek..? I really found the blog amusing... had a real laugh all the stress went away... :D
      Well, usually all my senses see, hear, smell, touch and taste would disappear when I face with trouble... all mute... its just me and myself... for about 10 to 15 minutes or 20 minutes ...depends on the situation... :D. But need practice and I am well trained...hahahaha

    2. alahaiii..baru check tadi.. gedek la... kena saman tak ni? haha
      Well trained ye? hahahaha.. gimme 5 la :D

    3. tak tahu..yea..yea... tak tahu... dah silap...ehehehe
      take 5 !!! :D

  3. its not easy to control our anger...the way u control the situation...i think its quite good..i can try as well..

    1. It's great... need practise though... start small... later you gain confidence and you start to feel goos... and suddenly later nothing else matters except for you know that you have the right to be who you are... no problems... :D

  4. Replies
    1. I have 4 younger brothers... and we really have fun when we meet on Hari Raya... act like we are children... hahahahahaha

  5. Wafa, a modern father by example.

  6. So sweeet. Ceria betul gambar anak ngan bapak ni ☺☺

    1. Fiza... hahahahahha.... btw its my eldest son and his younger brother :D
      Practise living a cheeful life... enjoy :D. Catch any wonderful moment and view it later... it also makes your day cheerful always :)

  7. Haha this entry appears right on time, I must say! Working in kindy is quite tough especially with hyperactive kids who never want to sit still, even for a minute!! Most of the time I'd stand under the shower to cool myself down during their nap time. But still, I'll get pissed because after that I've to deal with him again. Haha.. There's one time I ignored him from morn till evening and guess what. Everything was chaos. He did none of his work, books all torn out, things missing, etc.. Then I realized, I was happy because I simply ignored him but at the end of the day, Ive to deal with the key-teacher. Sighs.. I'll try to practice your tips, except about the blog cos I rarely hold my phone in working hours. Hee..

    1. Hi VR... it's an honor to have you here and share your thought on this matter...
      Noticed that you are going through all sorts of things in your life and you managed... kind of respect you for that. Your passion towards teaching inspires me too. Actually, it's more on how we want to take matters isn't it? you'll manage... you are good at this.. :D

    2. It's an honor to be here too.. :D Yeap, it's how we take the matters. Positive or negative impact, it all depends on yourself.. :)

  8. Cheerful anak beranak. He he he.

    1. It's my eldest son and his uncle (my younger brother) :p

  9. omggggg u're such a nice father based on pics hehehehehe :D
    But i know, in real life you would be the best father :D heee~
    qila pun ada jugak dengan abah cemtu hihihihi <3
    love my daddyyyy heheehehhe

    1. Hahahaha ... rindu kampung sangat dah tu... :p

  10. Ehhehehe nice tips to have cheerful day. My work so stressfull.

    1. MK... nice to see you here :D... thanks for dropping by... its an honor.
      hahahha.. hope it helps a little bit :D


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