Feb 7, 2014

Sex Question : Gender or Sex Behavior?

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As many of us have already known that the word sex has two common meanings. First meaning is more about gender or in malay - 'jantina', and another one is relating to sexual behavior or acts. I remember when mIRC* was a popular form of communication way back in late 90s among the netters, we used a question for another person to tell more about themselves which was "ASL?" or "Age, Sex and Location?". Here the word sex means your 'gender'; are you a male or female...

But when the question comes like : I have done things like (a) read/watch pornography materials (b) masturbate (Translation from Bahasa), the meaning of sex here is definitely not about the gender, isn't it?

What am I talking about here?

Well, actually the sex question was one of the questions asked in a questionnaire that have been given to a few schools, primary and secondary schools in Negeri Sembilan, for the students to answer. The issue has created a scene over there as some parents had launch a complaint to the Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri...

Where did the questionnaire come from?

It's not yet confirmed.

Who would you think, are conducting studies using the questionnaire with such questions to be answered? And what kind of studies? ehhehehehe...

To me this is really funny!

Can you imagine your standard 2 or 3 child comes home and ask for your help to answer that kind of questions. How would you help you child out? Errr...I can't imagine... :(

*mIRC :  Internet Relay Chat

Source of the story : Sinar Harian Online



  1. Replies
    1. Mr Abak, u are applying the sales marketing technique... :D so, to me it's a good answer... :D

  2. Pls tell the children that the word 'sex' in the form means 'gender' not sexual intercourse! It must be explain subtly. Your blog looks interesting so I follow it.

    1. Abe Kie, its an honor.. I'm still new, and honestly this blog has not yet had a solid ground :D

      to explain what is not is rather difficult eheheheh

  3. I don't understand with what is the topic of this articels yet actually cik wafa :) i think im not adult enough to understand about it,but i like ur articles,aspecially u type on english,wow,so cool man !! :D

    1. ahhahaha... i am starting to think that you are not adult enough also hahahahahaha :)
      Well, thanks for reading... actually, it was about some questions asked in a questionnaire GIVEN to school children at the age of 7 yrs old to 12 yrs old... :D

    2. LOL hahaaha im OOT (out of topic) hahaha so embarasing me :(

    3. Hahahaha.... don't be... it's normal. The point is, I have to improve the way I'm writing article so that people can easily understand what i am talking about :D... Right?

    4. no no cik. i think i do wrong,because i just focus on the tittle and just read on the substance quickly,so this is happen LOL im OOT :v hahaa so funny and embarassing me too much much

  4. one of the most difficult question to answer. kalau salah sikit jadi lain pula maksudnya.heh.. apa yg merepek ni ada paham ka?? by the way dah lama nk tanya wafa dulu ajar subjek apa ya?

    1. hahahaha... faham of course... :D
      btw i was teaching PE (Pend Jasmani)


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